Wife beats her husband to stupor after finding him drinking

A wife mercilessly beats her husband to near death experience after finding out that he was drinking. The drinking husband failed to give his wife money for food and family upkeeping.

According to the description given by the witness who recorded the event, the woman assaulted her husband because he had not given her money for their children’s food. The event happened in Iquitos, Peru, and was captured by the witness via his smartphone.

The video was shared on the Facebook group by Jorge Marcelo Leon, and it has gone viral generating all kinds of both positive and negative reactions and comments.

In the video clip, you can see how his wife, totally angry, throws her husband to the ground who was sitting in a bar. And starts hitting him with a wooden chair. For the drinking husband, he tries to defend himself by putting a small table in front of him, which is also made of wood.

Several women who see how the aggressed-wife constantly hitting his husband, decide to take her by the arms and take her out of the place, so that the agony will be mild. And also, for her to stop hitting her partner.

When her husband gets up and was trying to leave the bar, he was walking calmly. His angry wife takes him by the hair, throws him to the ground and fills him with punches, leaving his nose covered in blood. While the fight is on, two people arrived to help the man by taken his angry wife away from him, so that she stops attacking her husband.

In the description of the video, it can be read that the reason why the woman went to look for him. And beat him was that his children were going hungry due to lack of food. Reportedly that the money he is spending on alcohol should be used to buy food for the children and herself.

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