Wife flogs fat lady who slept with her husband

She feels weak, her face is down and filled with shame but she keeps begging for forgiveness. A fat lady who slept with another woman’s husband was flogged by the wife. She was caught in the home of the man and disgraced by the man’s wife.

In a viral video on social media, a fat lady from Nigeria was seen flogging a fat lady with different materials – ranging from the different size of sticks to elastic. The overweight lady was reportedly caught by the wife at the verge of lovemaking with her husband.

In the video, the fat lady was flogged mercilessly by the wife for not having cheated with her husband. But for making use of her expensive cloth, which she tied on her body.

Wife flogs fat lady who slept with her husband
Fat lady asking for forgiveness while the man’s wife mercilessly flog her

The furious woman who was heard in her mother tongue (Igbo language) asked her what had given her the courage to tie her cloth. And still, cheat with her husband, even boast of sleeping with her man to her friends.

Despite the intervention of neighbors and passerby, the angry wife mercilessly releases her anger on her.

The video has raised many questions. Some of the questions are “Where is the man she slept with?”, one commented while another person replied claiming “that her husband had fled.”

Why women are widely accused of committing adultery? Even in the bible, when they brought an adulterous woman to Jesus Christ for judgment without the man in question. What happened to the men or do men exception to that?

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