With these 5 surprising activities, you burn as many calories

Good news for the not so sporty types among us. With these somewhat bizarre ways, you also burn the necessary calories without having to touch your sports shoes.

5 surprising activities that will burn many calories

Taking a warm bath: 140 calories

A study by the University of Loughborough shows that bathing for one hour in hot water causes you to burn 140 calories, which is equivalent to walking for half an hour.

In addition, taking a warm bath would have the same positive effects on inflammation and your blood sugar levels as exercise.

Fidgeting: 350 calories per day

With these 5 surprising activities, you burn as many calories
Hand fidgeting

There are two types of people: those who are nervously wobbling all day long and fiddling with their hair, and others who hate it. Do you belong to the first group? Aside from annoying your colleague, it helps you to lose weight.

Several studies have shown that fidgeting burns 10 times more calories during the day than just sitting still. A 2005 study found that it was even about 350 extra calories per day, enough to lose 13 to 18 kilograms a year.

Drinking green tea: 183 calories per day

It sounds too good to be true, but drinking tea helps to lose weight. A study of obese Thai men showed that men who drink green tea burn an average of 183 calories more than those who do not.

Experts blame weight loss on the polyphenols in tea. They are rich in antioxidants and can help your body break down fat more easily. Tips: 1 tea before bedtime is not enough, you should drink 3 to 8 glasses a day to see results.

A visit to the sauna: 200 to 600 calories per half hour

Just like taking a hot bath, infrared saunas and sweat lodges can help you burn more calories. According to some people, with a sauna session of 45 minutes, you would even burn as many calories as with 5 to 7 kilometers of jogging.

But before you trade in your sports subscription for a 10-turn wellness card, you need to know that there are few scientific studies to confirm those claims. After all, with sweating, you mainly lose moisture, not fat. But if it doesn’t help, it won’t harm!

Cleaning your house: 100 calories per hour

Mopping the floor, loading the dishwasher, ironing, scrubbing the bathroom: they may not be the most relaxing but the most efficient ways to burn calories. For example, with an hour of washing up, you would burn about 100 calories, and cleaning your bathroom would be like walking for half an hour. Make sure you don’t overestimate your efforts.

A study from 2013 showed that people who consider housework as part of their training routine generally weigh more than those who did not. Enough exercise and the accompanying trips to the gym are therefore still a must, but at least you will come home to a tidy house.

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