With these tips, you can sleep on the plane

If you are going on holiday to a destination far outside your country, it is logical to be a flight holiday. For one moment to look forward to while the other is horrified at the thought of having to spend a few hours in an economy class that is far too cramped.

However, you can do a lot yourself to make the flight as pleasant as possible, including sleeping during the flight.

How can you sleep well on the plane?

A flying holiday is far from cheap, but it is the way to really get away from it all for many people. If you have been smart enough to put together your entire holiday yourself, then you probably opt for a cheap night flight. That’s cheap, but it does mean you’ll want to sleep on the plane.

Then it can be not easy, but with the help of some excellent tips, you can now sleep perfectly, and your flight is a lot more relaxed.

Choose your chair

Once you have found a cheap flight, you will probably also have the option to select your seat. Even though that is often at an additional cost, it is wise to do so.

Preferably choose a seat by the window. This way, you will sleep well, and you will not be bothered by fellow passengers who disturb you when they have to go to the toilet.


Even though there’s a good chance you’ll find a small welcome pack in your economy class seat, it’s always wise to bring your earplugs. The comfort of a good pair of earplugs will undoubtedly prove itself during the flight.

Travel in company

The advantage of travelling in a group is that you won’t be saddled with strangers as neighbours during your flight. So if you have the option to reserve a seat, do so.

It is much easier to fall asleep during the flight if you are sitting next to someone you know.

Comfortable clothes

We can’t say it often enough, but make sure you wear comfortable clothing. That’s not to say a tracksuit is ideal, but a three-piece suit is not recommended.

Clothing that is too tight limits your possibilities to sleep well. It gets too hot quickly, and sticky clothing is certainly not pleasant if you start to sweat.

Travel pillows

The economy class seats are far from comfortable, so getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging. Fortunately, there is the travel pillow. A great invention that even allows you to sleep on a plane.

Of course, you can buy it at the airport, but it will quickly be a lot cheaper if you do that well in advance. The support of your neck also prevents a stiff neck after landing.


You have plenty of relaxation options onboard the plane. If you’re lucky, you can use the onboard WiFi or the entertainment system. Okay, if this works well, but always make sure to have a plan B.

So bring your music and use suitable, sound-damping earplugs. This not only allows you to enjoy your music for longer, but you are also less likely to be distracted by other sounds.

Make it dark

In most planes, the lights just go out during the night, but you fly during the day if you are unlucky. Then it can be challenging to sit down for a while. In that case, bring your sleeping mask, and you will not suffer from anything.

Bring hearty snacks

Sleeping on an aeroplane is difficult in itself, but it becomes even more difficult with an empty stomach. The solution: bring your snacks, preferably high-fibre snacks. This way, you will soon feel full, and you will sleep a lot faster.

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