Without anybody ever seeing it, car with no name is fully sold out

Italian automaker Pagani has announced that it will come out with a completely new model. All we know is that the car will be around 900 horsepower. Nevertheless, the car, which will be built in an edition of between 280 and 300, is completely sold out.

Pagani is an Italian carmaker that has been operating in the shadow of big brothers Lamborghini and Ferrari for years. However, the prices asked for a Pagani exceed those of the competition in almost all cases. A Pagani easily costs several million, something caused in part by its maniacal attention to styling and detailing.

The sales palette basically consists of the Zonda and the Huayra. And a successor to the latter model is coming soon. We know almost nothing about that model, not even the name. There is only an internal code name: C10. It is also certain that the car will be equipped with either an evolved version of the 6.0-V12 Biturbo of its predecessor, which will be purchased from Mercedes-AMG, or a purely electric version.

What else we know is that both variants are not more than 900 hp strong, because more power simply becomes too dangerous, and that much is being done to save weight. But that’s it. And yet the car is already completely sold out, despite the fact that, according to the Italian car magazine Quattroruote, between 280 and 300 examples will be built. This is surprising, especially since a “C10” will soon cost several million.

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