Women pose to break the taboo around the alopecia hair condition

Alopecia is a condition in which someone suddenly becomes (partly) bald. In this autoimmune-mediated disease, your own body attacks the hair roots, resulting in oval or circular bald spots or sometimes complete baldness. To break the taboo around it, 26-year-old British Nichola McAvoy organized a photo shoot with eight women who all suffer from the disease.

Exactly how alopecia arises is not known, and everyone can express it differently. There are also different variants. Such as androgenetic alopecia (more gradual hair loss) and alopecia areata (where the hair falls out in larger strands). With some people, it takes years before they are completely bald, with others they lose all their hair from one week to the next.

In several cases, there is a clear link with severe stress. Sometimes it’s in the family. Anyway, it is harmless, and 2% of people experience alopecia areata once in a lifetime. In many cases, the hair will simply grow again over time, but sometimes that is unfortunately not the case.

With the photo shoot, McAvoy mainly wants to eliminate the negative perception of alopecia and ensure that fellow sufferers also learn to love their bald head. For the photo shoot, she hired 8 British women with alopecia to show that you can look just as good without lush hair.


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