Women who sleep naked will end up sterile – Kenyan marabout

Ali Maalim Bakari aka Mganga wa Nyuki, a Kenyan marabout, said that women who sleep naked may remain sterile all their lives because their nakedness could tempt geniuses to come and sleep with them.

In a recent statement he revealed why this is so: “Many people do not know that sleeping naked especially for women is not good. This is how geniuses appear at night and make love with women then make them sterile. Later, these women lack a certain appetite. I always advise women to wear something, even a pair of panties.

For example, client complains of poor service in bed, I invite them to review their fantasies and check their diet. In addition, women should not throw their sanitary napkins anywhere since this is what people use to block their uterus.

He inherited the powers of his late father: “I inherited this gift from my late father. It is a normal thing to pass on this gift to your children. In our case, we are three sons in our family, but my brother refused and I took over. Our ancestors were not happy with him and they made him lose an eye”, said the 32-year-old man born and raised in Kwale.

Some of his clients are powerful politicians in the country; “They usually come for charms to draw crowds into rallies and beat their competitors. To help them, I paint their underwear and the clothes they wear to meet the rivals or the crowd with special oil,” he concluded.

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