“Worst world crisis since World War II” – says, Antonio Guterres

The Covid-19 pandemic is the worst global crisis since World War II, and that’s what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. Guterres is concerned that more conflicts may arise in the world.

The UN secretary made the statements during an interview with various media. Asked about his motivation to consider this the “worst world crisis since the UN was founded” 75 years ago, he said it is “the combination of a threatening disease” and the economic impact that could lead to an unprecedented recession.

“The combination of these two factors and the risk of increasing instability increased violence and increased conflict” make this crisis “the biggest challenge for us since World War II,” he said.

Solidarity is necessary

It is also a crisis “that requires the strongest and most effective response”. And it can only be achieved “through solidarity and the abandonment of political games and the realization that humanity is at stake,” added Antonio Guterres.

According to him, the international community is still a long way from this solidarity because, so far, developed countries have mainly supported their economies.

“We do not yet have a global system to help developing countries eliminate the disease while managing its dramatic impact on populations in terms of job losses, the disappearance of small businesses, and the end of informal trade.”

“We are slowly moving in the right direction, but we need to accelerate and do more if we want to defeat the disease and support those in need,” said the Secretary-General.

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