‘Youngest father in UK’ made a mess of his life after the shocking paternity test

A British young man who has once proclaimed ‘the youngest father in the United Kingdom’ appears to have made a mess of his life. The now 23-year-old Alfie Patten has zipper of criminal offenses behind his name and also had to answer for a judge yesterday for the umpteenth time. To the surprise of many, Patten started the dance. “The prison is not the right place for him.”

Alfie Patten dominated all headlines in 2009 after he and his parents thought he had made his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant. British media bombed the boy of 13 into ‘the youngest father of England.’ The shock was great after a DNA test showed that it was not Patten, but 15-year-old Tyler Barker, a familiar friend, that turned out to be the father of the girl Maisie.

That unexpected turn can destroy (social) life; Patten later told The Sun. “I want to warn every 13-year-old not to make the same mistakes as I did. It has ruined my life.”

Criminal path

The now 23-year-old Patten is struggling with major depression and, partly because of this, ended up on the illegal way. He has been convicted five times over the years for various offenses and spends almost all of his days drinking alcohol in his mother’s house. The unemployed person in his twenties had to answer for the umpteenth time in court yesterday, for the destruction of the van, Skoda, and fence.

Youngest father in UK made a mess of his life after the shocking paternity test

He did that under the influence, the officer said. “Patten was drunk, aggressive, and rough-mouthed. He ran up and down the road and searched out screaming with road users.” Police beat the man as he stumbled down the street.

His lawyer does not want to approve the deeds but does stand up for his client. “Alfie wants to improve his life, find peace, and not continue with his destructive and chaotic behavior. He is only endangering his health.”

“You are going to have a tough time.”

The judge argued that Patten should have been given a prison sentence because he had previously received a suspended sentence although she let him go. “Your doctor thinks the prison would be a terrible outcome for you and I agree,” she explained.

Patten has to recover at home and go into therapy. “The vast amount of alcohol that you drink must have caused so much damage to you and your liver. You are going to have a tough time.“

Gossip press

Although the British are used to more teenage pregnancies, the story of Patten caused quite a stir. Patten was only twelve when he would have conceived a child with 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman. The parents smoke a lot of money the day after the boom.

“I wish this baby were never born, but it is now,” father Dennis told British media. “Alfie is too young to do anything with it, but I’m going to try to save as much money as possible from this case.” According to the Daily Mail, divorced parents had already made several lucrative deals with the press.

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