Zambia: Government declares war on sex dolls

The Zambian authorities launched last month a fierce campaign against sex dolls and they are determined to fight this war to the end.

The conservative Christian country has declared that it will apply existing legislation concerning the manufacture or possession of “obscene things”. The law prohibits anyone from marketing and using them.

According to the negronews media, Godfridah Sumaili, minister of religious affairs, said he would ensure that these dolls are not imported into the country.

“The use of sex dolls is definitely at odds with our natural heritage and our principles. God created man and woman so that they could be sexually satisfied. Using a lifeless object is immoral. So let’s not import foreign beliefs and experiences.”

This decision comes after recent information on the arrival of inflatable dolls in Zambia, apparently from Asia.

The minister’s statements aroused opposition reactions. According to the Zambian Liberal Party of Patriotic Economic Progress (PEP), the government’s attitude towards sex dolls is just one example of the increasingly authoritarian nature of President Edgar Lungu’s regime.

“The argument that the Bible does not allow the use of objects is false. The same Bible encourages individual freedom and it would be a mistake to imprison people on the pretext that they have sex dolls, said the party chairman, Sean Tembo.

According to Mr. Tembo, these dolls could help in the fight against AIDS that infects 12.4% of the Zambian population.

“Men can use sex dolls and this would reduce the rate of AIDS,” he said.

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