Zambia: University Mgt ban girls from dressing half naked for male students to study

Students at the University of Zambia are warned not to wear “too short” outfits.

One of the best universities in Zambia has urged students to stop wearing “half-naked” when visiting the library because it distracts their male classmates.

The University of Zambia, located in the capital, Lusaka, left notices in its library to urge students to dress less “sexy”.

“We noticed that some students get dressed half-naked when they use the library, a situation that disturbs male students,” reads the notice.

“We therefore advise students to dress modestly using university facilities, modesty is the way to go!”

The note was posted in the library, this restriction is not to the taste of some students who disagreed.

“If your goal is to go to the library to study, why should you start looking at other things like a woman’s legs?” asked Dikina Muzeya, a third-year student during interaction with the BBC.

“Concentrate on your books, that’s all” she urges men.

“The power of women”

For a student identified as Killion Phiri, this decision of the university officials is justified.

“You know how attractive women’s bodies are, how can you focus on your classes when someone walks in a miniskirt or a tight dress?” You’ll start thinking about other things and not to concentrate.”

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