Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Fires 16,000 Striking Nurses

In Zimbabwe, “politically oriented” strikers have been fired.

In Zimbabwe, some 16,000 nurses have decided to strike, in order to make their voices heard. Denouncing deplorable working conditions and a salary that is not up to par, they have decided to embark on a veritable standoff with the government.

The arm wrestling that eventually came to an end, since the vice president, General Chiwenga, simply declared that these strikers would be fired and replaced by unemployed or retired nurses.

The reason? The Mnangagwa government believes that this action is politically oriented. Indeed, the state has already released some $ 17 million to increase wages, but that would not be enough.

Thus, for the new president, who presented himself as a potential reformer, the decision was quickly taken. A decision, made by nurses whose colleagues have assured to want to continue the movement.

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