Zimbabwe returns to the Commonwealth

Zimbabwe renews ties with the Commonwealth, five months after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe. The country is participating this week in the summit of countries formerly colonized by Britain, which opened its doors on Tuesday, April 17 in London.

Fifteen years after being suspended from the Commonwealth, Zimbabwe is trying to reconnect with international institutions.

Zimbabwe is getting closer to the Commonwealth, which was driven out after the 2003 presidential election, marked by violence and accusations of fraud. It is not yet a reintegration in the organization, but a simple invitation to participate.

This presence of Harare at the top of the Commonwealth indicates a desire to return to the international scene. While in the past Robert Mugabe had repeatedly blasted the organization accusing him of imposing Western ideas, the new regime can no longer afford to remain isolated.

A diplomatic signal

New President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to improve international relations and develop foreign investment in Zimbabwe.

It must be said that it faces low growth, a high unemployment rate and high expectations on the part of the population.

Hard to say if a return of the country in the Commonwealth will help. According to political analysts, it’s mostly about sending a message. Being part of the Commonwealth signals that Zimbabwe is ready to adhere to the rules of the organization that impose respect for the rule of law, free elections and human rights.

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