Weird: Zodwa Wabantu (33) chooses coffin that sizes her hip

Zodwa Wabantu is one of Africa’s most infamous celebrities with big curved hip. She has made a name for herself by wearing no underwear at receptions and public performances. Famous south Africa big hip, Zodwa Rebecca Libram (33) is a South African Media Personality socialite and dancer, Wabantu likes to show off her body in extra-sexy clothes. She is also an event organizer who attracts revellers with her anti-panties stand.

South African big hip

The controversial South African big hip stirred the painting after buying coffin worth one hundred and fifty thousand rand for her funeral. Why do Zodwa Wabantu spent 150k rand just to buy a coffin? One would ask. She explains that she decided to buy the coffin, because she wants a funeral and a decent burial after her death.

Weird: Zodwa Wabantu chooses coffin that sizes her hip
©Facebook – South African big hip

The South African big curve also says that she should be granted a meritorious departure after living a life of glitz and glamor. It is the fear of being buried as a “commoner” that pushed Zodwa Wabantu to buy the expensive coffin.

Weird: Zodwa Wabantu chooses coffin that sizes her hip
©Facebook – South African big hip

She shared photos of her “shopping” on her Facebook page, so she is preparing her death in advance. “Death. Society is so Afraid to talk about Death. We all gonna Die,I made a Choice to Purchase my Coffin⚰ while alive. It’s worth 150k,” she told her followers. But on her Instagram account, on Tuesday, the Zodwa Wabantu posted a video of the coffin she bought saying that she doesn’t want people to say, when she died that she was famous but didn’t make sure there was enough money to bury her. She concludes that it a taboo in African to buy your coffin while alive. “Black Society this is Taboo. Being Black.”

South African big hip
©Facebook – South African big hip

Guess what! Some of her fans didn’t go down well with her. They dropped some verbal attack while some appreciated her for her decision. Here are some of their comments:

@ ziettajobe: Blacks who joined satanism. Making money out of dirt and lose their minds before they die.
@ khanya_light19: im proud of zodwa to do this and to let people know she is ready to take any tackle in her life and to let know tht she wants this for her funeral FUCK all the haters let Zodwa Wabantu live her life.
@ thehardgrinding.james: You got the right amount of b*lls to break this faint hearted taboo. But honestly only the wise can do it👌👏
@ olamilekan_olesh: Dis is robbish, you dont even no, may be your crops will be find, or you will get have a plane crush. Where even your ashes will not be found.

@ masambasall20: Spendin 150k just for coffin.
@ pheebi_sim: it myt nt be wat you’d do (enter a coffin while you are alive) but u sure need to prepare for wen you’d leave earth.. i mean people act movies nd are supposedly dead in a coffin …but its just a movie nd majority of us here saying all sort of tins have watched at least one of those movies…so y complains here??? at least she’s pleased with wat she’d be getting into after death…

Countries that banned Zodwa Wabantu

Recalled that last year, the Zambian authorities evicted the South African big hip from their territory. Famous for her exhibitions in daring outfits, her show was cancelled because she dances without underwear. While last two years, censorship authorities in Zimbabwe banned Zodwa from dancing at a carnival, but they backed off their decision, allowing the dancer to perform on private premises. According to the statement from the authority; “The government position is that the artist concerned, Zodwa Wabantu, may not participate at the Harare International Carnival. In this regard, relevant authorities have been notified.”

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