10 reasons for a bad work atmosphere

It can be internal or external factors, colleagues, or your mood: sometimes there is a bad atmosphere at work. Sometimes the bad working atmosphere disappears within a few hours or a few days, but sometimes it lasts longer. Then it becomes annoying for the motivation of all employees. It can also have long-term consequences: negative attitudes towards work, work-related stress, or even work-related depression.

10 reasons for a bad working atmosphere

A merger or acquisition

Merging often means that employees are obliged to follow a different working method or work with other colleagues. This does not always go well. Employees can lose their motivation; as a result, creating a bad working atmosphere.

A reorganization

A reorganization often entails a lot of tension; everyone is insecure. A reorganization can be a reason for dismissal. Naturally, these tensions and uncertainties do not benefit the working atmosphere.

Too high work pressure

A bad atmosphere at work often arises when certain employees (or entire teams) have a much too high workload. For example, the workload can become too high due to approaching deadlines, taking on too much, or unattainable expectations. And that causes stress, unrest, and grumpy colleagues. And lo and behold: a bad working atmosphere is born.

An annoying colleague

It can happen at any company: an annoying colleague. One that always makes annoying comments lowers concentration and only provides a distraction. Saying goodbye to this colleague can often have a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the reasons why a bad working atmosphere arises. After all, poor communication within a company or poor communication in relation to your colleagues causes a lot of mutual confusion and lack of clarity.

Your manager

Your manager can cause many problems at work. If he/she uses poor management, does not communicate well, sets little or no goals, and cannot motivate the employees, this often leads to unrest.

Negative circle

If something has already happened at work or there is already a negative atmosphere, it is often difficult to transform this into positive thinking. Employees often rile each other up, infect each other or see the problem as bigger than it actually is.

Bullying at work

Bullying still occurs regularly in the ‘adult world.’ Bullying at work is a common reason for a hostile work atmosphere.


Sometimes you or your colleagues are demotivated. This does not have a positive effect on the mood of others. It is up to the manager or yourself to motivate each other again.

Lazy colleagues

Lazy colleagues on whom you depend for your work do not provide a good working atmosphere. You get annoyed, and the work doesn’t get done. This can lead to confrontations or a bad mood.

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