10 signs that you are a bad kisser

When it comes to kissing the dark side, no one wants to be “different.” As a result, you should not always rely on your instincts in this sensitive procedure. Whether you’ve ever wondered if you’re a decent kisser, take a look at the points below to see if you’re making some of the most frequent mistakes.

You don’t pay attention to your breath

It’s OK if you can’t make the kiss last. Put yourself in your partner’s position and think how silly it seems every time you struggle to catch your breath after a kiss. Of course, you’re not going to be told this explicitly, so attempt to figure it out for yourself.

You don’t wash your mouth

Although foul breath may sometimes herald the onset of certain health conditions, in any case, it is worthwhile to notice such periods in time and, at the very least, begin to solve them. If you don’t want to see a professional, mints, mouthwash, or regular cleaning of your teeth may assist in minimizing the strength of the unpleasant odor.

Believe me when I say that you must pay attention to this since, no matter how skillfully you kiss, your odor may spoil all of your partner’s wonderful feelings.

You don’t use your hands in any way

When kissing, hands should not dangle like useless stumps. Seriously, try to utilize them in some way – embrace your spouse, press him close, rub his head, comb his hair, touch his hand. It’s always enjoyable and adds to your relationship’s passion or compassion.

Your spouse may feel that you are fake and limited if your hands are not included in the kissing procedure. The issue is whether such a kiss was absolutely required.

You’re overly fixated on the process

When you kiss, you attempt to mimic the motions you learned before. Here’s why this is a failure. The most essential thing to remember is that during kissing, you don’t need to think too hard. A kiss is not a method that must be followed exactly as written; there are no universally acknowledged guidelines for it.

Kissing is a natural and spontaneous act that allows you to convey your sentiments. So give yourself to your emotions and sensations.

You smack your partner in the face with your teeth

This is a solid indicator that you can’t relax while you kiss. Slow down and concentrate on your partner’s lips. Be cautious since no one wants to go to the dentist after attempting a passionate kiss.

You begin kissing the tongue right away

This is rash since a kiss (particularly at the start of a relationship) is a gradual introduction to a person, and the two of you should feel equally at ease. Therefore, even if you are overtaken by emotion, wait with the language; otherwise, you risk putting the individual in an unpleasant situation or making your last date.

You never kiss with your tongue

This is the total opposite. If you and your partner have already achieved a level of closeness where a tongue kiss is possible, start interacting with your partner in ways other than with your lips. Don’t be scared to spice up your kisses with some diversity.

Yes, even if things don’t always go as planned the first time, relax and follow your gut instincts. They won’t let you down if yours is genuine.

During s*x, you don’t kiss

S*x is more than only the act of copulation or interc0urse. It is, first and foremost, a show of kindness and love for one another. As a result, kissing is acceptable and encouraged during interc0urse! If you avoid it, it’s still more evidence that you’re not a great “kisser.”

You kiss with your eyes open

When people, united by one wonderful feeling, kiss, they often close their eyes. This is due to a subconscious attempt to focus on the kiss itself. Thus, we cut off the stream of unnecessary data, in this case, visual. An open-eyed kiss seems insincere to us and pushes us away from our partner.

You are not turned on by kissing

Of course, not every kiss should result in s*x, but it should at least make you consider it. He needs to light a match between you. If this does not occur and you do not experience any feelings, you may have chosen the wrong person to form a connection with.

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