10 types of people who find it difficult to find a good job

We spend most of our lives at work. Therefore, each person wants to find a job that would meet all his requirements: high salary, comfortable conditions, and a friendly team. We have described several types of people who will find it extremely difficult to get into the ranks of employees of such companies.

Those who are always late

It doesn’t matter the reason for the constant delays: problems with the sense of time, an alarm clock that did not ring on time, or traffic jams. It’s one thing when a person allows himself to be late for work once a month or a month and a half, and quite another, if lateness occurs several times a week.

According to research, companies lose a lot of money each year to employee lateness. If a person does not have a flexible schedule, constant lateness, with or without good reason, will force the employer to fire a non-punctual employee, even if he has a lot of experience.

Those who often complain

When a person, at the interview stage, begins to complain about the unbearable injustice in the world, the terrible attitude at the previous job, and the difficulties he faced when looking for a new position, this does not cause sympathy in the employer rather a slight dislike.

If such a person is still lucky and ends up on the company’s staff, where he continues to pour out his soul regularly, most likely, they will prefer to get rid of him. Any employer wants to find an employee who will bring him a profit and not put pressure on pity.

Those who can do everything, but nothing is perfect

There is this type of people: they boast that they can do almost everything, but it turns out that they do not have enough skills, knowledge, and experience. A true professional cannot be equally tough in several areas. Even if a person really has different skills, this is good, but he still needs to decide what position he is applying for.

Otherwise, when looking at a resume, an employer will think that a person has been looking for a job for so long that he does not care where and by whom to get a job. And without interest in a specific area and a specific company, you are unlikely to be hired.

Those who have been looking for a job for a long time

If a person has a good resume, good work experience, and the right skills for the desired position but has been looking for a job for a very long time, the employer may be wary. This situation occurs if the employee is not ready to go to a new job or potential employers cannot satisfy his requests.

Also, a potential employer may decide that the reason for such a long break could be unpleasant moments in the applicant’s career: dismissal with a scandal, conflicts in the previous place of work, and other factors that negatively affect business reputation.

Those who don’t pay attention to their resume

A resume is an employee’s business card. And it is this that makes the first impression on the applicant. If the resume is difficult to read, it is framed with errors; there is not much information in it, or, on the contrary, a lot of details that could be omitted, this will not make the best impression.

If a person wants to get this job, he will spend a little of his time and energy making a good resume. People with an attitude of “and so will do” will not inspire the trust of HR.

Those who do not strive to grow and develop

It is clear that not all companies value employee growth and development. But if we are talking about a good job, a company with a brilliant reputation that is ready to offer high wages, it will aim to find employees who strive to improve their skills and constant self-improvement.

It is impossible to sit quietly on the sidelines at such a job, from year to year performing the same tasks and bringing their solution to automatism.

Those who are toxic to others

Toxic employees destroy the welcoming atmosphere in the company. Such a person can negatively affect the mood of the team, demotivate employees, and reduce profits. Of course, it is difficult to understand in an interview that you have a toxic worker in front of you.

But in the first few months, if not weeks, this will be revealed, and, most likely, the employer will prefer to fire such a person without risking jeopardizing the entire team.

Those who are afraid to take responsibility

Unfortunately, the employer cannot figure out such a person until he starts working for the company. This type of employee is distinguished by its inconspicuousness: he quietly comes to a new place of work, sits somewhere in the corner, doing the same tasks.

And it seems that he has successful projects, but if we consider his participation in them, it turns out that he only helped and did not become the reason for this very success. So it turns out that such an employee is remembered only at corporate events or when he goes on vacation. The rest of the time, he sits in place and tries not to catch the eye of anyone so that he is not hung on to perform new tasks.

Those who are not ready to work hard

The lack of interest in such an employee is especially pronounced. He can always set the team in a certain mood, speak out on the case or offer a promising idea. Only now, he does not seek to work. On the contrary, he will do everything to delay this moment.

Those who constantly criticize others

Such people reduce the motivation of other employees in the company. Unsolicited, unconstructive criticism is not good for anyone. At all company meetings, such people will talk about who is doing what is wrong; they will get involved in other people’s projects and discuss them with other colleagues.

Of course, to put it mildly, the employer will not be happy with this behavior and, most likely, would prefer to fire the critic so that he stops terrorizing the rest of the employees.

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