5 big advantages when you work for the same company for 10 years

In this year, job-hopping has become a thing. It is pretty unusual for millennials to stay with the same company for a long time. Understandable on the one hand, because that way you stay challenged, and it expands your network. On the other hand, loyalty also pays off. More than you might think.

Staying with the same company for a long time is bearing fruit. We have listed several advantages for you.

1. You can participate in decisions with general processes

When you are active for a more extended period at the same company, you become part of the core. You have a lot of experience with the company, and from experience, you know what is good or bad for the company.

People on the board trust you almost blindly; your opinion counts, and you are listened to. So when the time has come for decisions to be made that affect the entire company, your opinion will no doubt be asked for. You have a voice.

2. You can bond better with colleagues

However you look at it, your colleagues are the people you spend the most time with. Although you should not be best friends with everyone, in our view you must get along well. But why?

The answer: for several reasons. Colleagues expand your network, help you, are essential for your development, give you feedback, welcome you, and are suitable for the working atmosphere.

In short: a good relationship with colleagues not only makes your work more fun but also better.

3. You specialize

When you are active in a specific position for a shorter time, you will never really master it.

However, if you stay with the same company for a longer period, you will understand the company and the position best.

You no longer only have superficial knowledge, but you have fully developed your competencies. You have proven that you can add value to a company, have more in-depth knowledge, and solve problems. You become a more prominent employee.

4. You can also achieve personal growth through this road

Besides the fact that you get better at your job in terms of your professional knowledge, you also develop as a person. When you are active at the same company for longer, you will be given more responsibilities.

There is a good chance that you will also be promoted within the company and assigned a management position. In that case, you will have to communicate a lot and come into contact with colleagues, customers, and so on.

This is a highly instructive step and contributes to your personal growth. You take steps in the field of self-awareness, developing talents and social skills.

5. Loyalty looks good on your resume

Okay, so in this article, we’re talking about continuing to work for the same employer. However, there will come a time when it’s time to broaden your horizons. You long for a new challenge and apply for a position at another company. Right now, your loyalty will come in handy.

Many employers do not even invite job hoppers to a job interview. When they see an endless list of employers with short working periods on a resume, they get a gut feeling. But when they only see a few employers with a longer working period and good references from ex-employers, you distinguish yourself from all those job-hopping success seekers.

After all, you are intrinsically motivated, and you have clear goals for the longer term. In short: with loyalty, you are one step ahead.

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