11 main reasons why people cheat on each other

Cheating is bad, no matter what the people who go for this act say. This betrayal of your partner only brings stress and pain. But why do people go for cheating? There are several reasons for this.

Relationship dissatisfaction

People are trying to find something that will please them, fearing at the same time losing what they have. For them, it’s like a game where they didn’t like the development of the character, and they start replaying it but realize that it’s not right again and start it again.

At the same time, they do not delete the old save so that there is an opportunity to return to it because there is much more progress there than in the others.

Seek approval

Many people cannot live without approval, with both low and high self-esteem. When they do not satisfy this desire with a partner, they try to realize it on the side.

It is enough for the person with whom they are cheating to treat the cheater a little better and everything, his or her heart is conquered.

Emotional immaturity

Serious relationships involve obligations and responsibilities, as well as certain restrictions. If a person is immature, he cannot cope with his instinctive or completely conscious urges. In addition, emotionally immature people do not understand that any of their actions lead to consequences, and therefore cannot compare the fact of betrayal with the fact of betrayal.

An emotionally mature man will never commit adultery because he understands what negative consequences will follow this decision.


It is not uncommon for someone who cheats to put their needs first, ignoring the desires and expectations of others. It is not important for such people that by their actions, they will hurt loved ones, the main thing is that they will get what they want in this way.

Moreover, a selfish person constantly operates with double standards, and his betrayal is not considered a betrayal, and betrayal of a partner is equated to the most terrible sin

Low self-esteem

When a person has low self-esteem, he may think that the more peaks climbed, the more he can be proud of himself. Overgrowing with more and more s3xual partners, such a cheater mistakenly believes that he has achieved something in this life and is no longer an empty place.

In addition, some people with low self-esteem constantly suspect their partner of dishonesty because he will go to someone else someday; it’s just a matter of time. And then, because of the broken logic, such a person strikes a preemptive blow.


Narcissism is bad in every way. One of the worst traits of narcissists is condescension to “mortals.” Their attitude towards partners is arrogant and condescending as if they allowed them to touch the divine creation, and only they determine the boundaries of what is permitted.

For this reason, they do not see anything bad in betrayal because the “deity” will not ask some slave about whether he can get pleasure on the side. Such people do not care about the expectations of a partner; they do not feel obligations to him simply because they do not consider him equal.

Addicted to thrills

Some people cannot imagine their life without extreme. Someone is engaged in dangerous sports, others get involved in adventures, and some play with the fate of people. They like to be under constant stress from being exposed. For them, it’s just a game where the main goal is to avoid being caught.

Moreover, many do not even think that they will hurt their partner when the truth is revealed. They don’t think about how their partner will feel at all; the only important indicator for them is the balance between trust and suspicion.

Broken morality

In the animal kingdom, there is no concept of cheating. It was invented by people and is an unspoken rule according to which cheaters are equated with criminals. But if a person grew up in an environment where infidelity was not condemned, or from childhood, he watched his parents cheating on each other, his moral guidelines may go astray.

For such a person, cheating becomes commonplace, realizing their desires and not a deception that hurts.

Losing control of your thoughts

We have already said more than once that alcohol and illegal substances only lead to negative consequences. These stimulants turn off morale for some people, and they stop seeing cheating as something bad. This does not mean that these substances are the main reason they remove barriers to betrayal, and it becomes easier for a person to make a decision.

Insincerity of feelings

Often people cheat because they don’t feel anything about their partner. Whether it was so initially or did it become after a certain time is not the point, the main thing is that betrayal is not perceived as deception because the partner becomes a stranger, just a roommate. In their heads, there is only one thought: “Since I do not love him or her, why would it be considered a deception?”


You can read many stories about how someone cheated on their partner in revenge for his betrayal on the Internet. It’s like trying to level the score and make your partner feel the same pain.

Moreover, unlike most of the points listed above, such a person can be an exemplary family man and not even think about treason. But, faced with betrayal, he can take this action in a fit of rage, even if he sincerely does not want it.

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