11-month-old baby died in hot car after father forgets about her

In the US state of Virginia, an eleven-month-old baby died on Friday after the father forgot the girl in the car. It was very hot that day, with temperatures reaching 32 degrees.

The father, who was very absent-minded that day, had to drop his two children off at the nursery at another time. He put the victim in a car but got into another vehicle when he took the other child away.

The man thought until late in the afternoon that he had dropped off both children. It realized only when he went to pick up the other child that he discovered that the eleven-month-old girl was still in the back of the car.

The girl was rushed to the hospital, but help was no longer of any use. The exact cause of death has yet to be determined. No complaint has yet been lodged against the victim’s father.

“Sixth victim this year”

It’s the sixth child to die in a hot car in the United States this year. “The number of deaths due to the corona crisis is lower than normal for this period of the year, but we are concerned that that number will increase as parents pick up the thread and go back to work,” said Amber Rollins, director of KidsAndCars.org.

“About 65% of deaths in a hot car are children who have been forgotten in a vehicle”.

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