5 bad advice from a friend you shouldn’t listen to

Sometimes friends give us not very good advice. Today we will tell you when you shouldn’t listen to them!

5 bad advice from a friend you shouldn’t listen to

Here are the most “wrong” tips that other girls can give you. Don’t listen to them!

“Don’t call the man first, and don’t take the first step!”

You can safely tell your girlfriend that you live in the twenty-first century. This means that you can call the man first and take the first step if you want to.

“Stop looking for a prince; otherwise, you’ll be left alone!”

This is most often heard from girlfriends who are already married. They feel they have the right to advise you because they have a “rich” relationship experience. Do not listen to this advice, and do not grab the first man you meet.

And, by the way, a friend who gives you advice with such persistence may not have everything going smoothly in the family if she has already gone down the aisle with the first person she meets. And if, after all, a girl was looking for a suitable man, then how can she advise you otherwise?

“Stop dramatizing!”

If a friend is trying to devalue your emotions, be it sadness, resentment, anger, or something else, her advice is not worth attention. She does not try to console you but tells you to pull yourself together and that your suffering is worthless.

As a result, you may still feel guilty about taking her time. Is this a real friend? Most likely, no.

“Go on a date with my friend! You should like him! ”

As practice shows, in most cases, this mysterious friend turns out to be that young man with whom your friend would never have met. It turns out that the very “cool guy” whom you were actively trying to match, you are unlikely to like it.

So is there any point in wasting your time on it? And what goals does your friend pursue? Perhaps she keeps the young man in the “friend zone” and decided to share it with you?

“Leave your boyfriend/husband!”

At the same time, a friend-adviser may not leave a man herself, who has not been working for more than a year or behaves rudely with her. But for some reason, she advises you to break up with your boyfriend simply because he forgot to give you a bouquet on your dating anniversary!

What’s the matter? Is she just jealous of you? If this is about your girlfriend, then think carefully about whether it is worth continuing to communicate with her at all.

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