12 ways to make a woman happy

Many philosophers fought over this question, and the greatest minds made up many formulas designed to find the way to female happiness. For men, this question is not the easiest one, because today a friend wants a phone, tomorrow a trip, and a day later there will be a need for other things. They want “hugs” all the time. Desires are as unpredictable as the girls themselves, and this trait looks more cute than ridiculous. You may be surprised, but in many ways, the desires of men and women coincide because everyone wants to love, attention, and is chasing positive emotions. But if you think that you cannot do without instructions here, we have prepared a list for you that will will help you.

Talk about her

Women love with their ears. It’s not just a catchphrase; it’s a true statement. A compliment is never wasted, and noting that she looks gorgeous today is guaranteed to lift her spirits for the rest of the day.

After all, girlfriends take a lot longer to get together on a date than men do, so you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you support her outlook, attitude, and ambition, then praise them – these aren’t things men often pay attention to.

Ask about her family

Yes, most likely, you are not interested in this, and you do not want to ask about it, but this question for a girl will indicate that you are not indifferent

to her relatives and close people.

Be a good listener

Show your interest, listen to her, and don’t make fun of it. Look in the eyes and ask questions about the topic – your attention will mean a lot to her because everyone loves it when they are listened to and heard.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings

But it’s better to tell them when you’re in a relationship; otherwise, excessive honesty can turn you into a hostage of the friendzone. Does it make you feel good to hear your girlfriend confess her feelings for the umpteenth time? Girls react the same way, plus natural sentimentality multiplies that range of feelings. There’s nothing wrong with telling her once again how beautiful she is and how much you love her. You’re guaranteed to make her a little happier.

Share her interests

Do you like to tell others about your hobby or your favorite TV series? Now think about how happy your friend will be if you share her interests, and together you will do what she loves so much. Such a manifestation of attention will let her know that she is not dealing with an egoist.

Take her to the movie she wants to watch

Your girlfriend has said more than once that the film she has been waiting for for many years will soon be released. Buy tickets and surprise the day of the premiere. You will not spend much money and time, but the attention will be priceless.

Do the nice little things

A confession note that she finds in her bag when she arrives at work; a bouquet that she will find when she returns home; a little surprise that will cheer you up. Relationships are made of such little things.

Do some things without asking

If she’s having a tough day, put a bottle of wine on the table. Believe me; she will not refuse. Do you see that your friend is not feeling well? Take on chores for one evening. Your girlfriend will appreciate this gesture and try to please you even more in the future.

Bring something sweet

You know she’s just crazy about cheesecakes. Take 20 minutes to stop by and buy a bite on your way home. Believe me; there will be no limit to her joy.

Get a massage

There is hardly a girl who does not like massage. We advise you to play ahead and offer to give her a massage before she starts asking for it. It is possible that in the future you can also count on massage.

Kiss and hug

When you are out walking, hug your girlfriend and kiss. It seems that this is an ordinary display of attention, but for a girl, even after several years of relationship, such a gesture will evoke emotions.

Public vulgarity

No, it would help if you didn’t lift your skirt in public. But talking in your ear about your desires and plans for the night will be an excellent option. She will think about the upcoming event throughout the day, and intrigue will add passion to the relationship.

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