‘#2020challenge’ conquers the internet: that’s how you make one yourself

The hottest meme of the moment? You can currently find it under the hashtag #2020challenge. We explain here how to make one yourself.

How has 2020 gone for you so far? If your year had started quite well, but soon went off track as a result of the coronavirus, then you are far from alone. It’s no wonder then that a meme is currently going viral that sums up that feeling perfectly. The #2020challenge shows the wide range of moods we felt passing by this year.

It was actress Reese Witherspoon (44) who made the #2020challenge immensely popular, and many other celebrities have followed her example in the meantime. And now you too can, because, with the help of free photo editing sites or apps, you can easily create your own version of the funny picture.

The #2020challenge involves taking a collage of nine photos of yourself, one for each month from January to September. In each of those photos, you record your mood of that month, to show that your good feeling about the year 2020 disappeared around March when we were first shackled to our house.

A lot of celebs have chosen to repeat the same photo over and over for the last few months to emphasize that our mood is unlikely to change much in the coming months.

To easily assemble the frame with the photos, you can use Canva. This free website allows you to make photo collages with text. For those who prefer to cut and paste on their smartphone, there is the Adobe Spark app, which has similar functions. For inspiration, you will find some more hilarious examples below.


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