What are the gates of hell? 3gates to hell in the world probably you never know

Over the world, there are believed to be places that a person can find gates to Hell or the underworld usually, and these surround Lakes, caves, or mainly volcanic areas and these places are reputed to be gates of Hell

Other well-known supposed gates to Hell, both ancient and modern, that Afrinik couldn’t cover in this article. These three below were chosen for variety and because they struck us as particularly interesting.

Three gates to hell assumed to be in the world

1. Fengdu (china)

3 gates to hell in the world probably you never know
The Ghost King

Fengdu is also known as Fengdu ghost city, this collection of buildings and structures were separated from the actual city of Fengdu and has now become a tourist attraction. It’s believed that Fengdu is an entrance into Hell, after long ago two men yin and wang came to the area to become immortals joining their names together yin wang means king of Hell in Chinese, and this is how the legend began in the temples and shrines adorning Fengdu there are countless paintings and even statues of people being tortured.

The dead are supposed to pass three tests before they can pass into the afterlife. There is the bridge of helplessness, a stone bridge that people must cross guarded by demons who either permit people to cross or deny them passage. Any evildoers are pushed off the side and into the water below. Next Dead Souls must be presented to the King of Hell, who will pass judgment on them.

Ghost’s torturing passes finally if they’ve passed the first two tests. They have to stand on one leg on a particular stone for three minutes; if they can manage it, then they’re deemed acceptable if they fall off; however, they are considered evil, and like those pushed into the water or noted by the King of Hell they enter Hell itself.

Fengdu has been surrounded by underworldly imagery and legend for hundreds of years and is still believed by many to be a gateway to Hell on earth

2. Darvaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)

3 gates to hell in the world probably you never know
Darvaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)

Locally known as Gate to Hell, this crater is situated in Derweze, Turkmenistan. Originally it was a natural gas field that collapsed into the ground, and as a result, created a crater sort of shape.

Moreover, this is a widely visited tourist spot, with around 15k tourists visiting each year. Many visitors were fascinated by what they observed. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely on our list of gates of hell in the world.

3. Houska Castle (Czech Republic)

Houska Castle (Czech Republic)
Houska Castle (Czech Republic)

It was constructed in the 13th century as a center for administration. Over the centuries, the chapel in particular within this castle is widely believed to sit atop an enormous impossibly deep hole that people say is the gate to Hell, not only that, but stories tell of twisted abominations spliced mixtures of humans and animals that have crawled out of this hole presumably from the bowels of Hell. Dark creatures with wings are also said to fly in and out and around the hole.

When the castle was first built, the legend story goes that nearby prisoners facing execution were offered a pardon and freedom if they agreed to be lowered into the hole by a rope. The idea was that they would be brought back up and tell the officials what they had seen down there because no one knew.

The first person to be lowered in started to scream only seconds into his descent. By the time he was pulled back up moments later, he had visibly aged by decades, apparently. Houska Castle was built across this hole to serve as a barrier trying to prevent anything from crossing over from Hell into our world, keeping any creatures that climbed out locked in the dark thick-walled dungeons below.

It’s been recently investigated by Ghost Hunters International, and most haunted and eerie pay a notable French paranormal investigation team. Whether there truly is a gateway to Hell beneath Houska Castle or not is still a question people debate till today.

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