3 signs that you are an outgoing introvert

Life is never completely black and white, and so are character traits. We came across the description of an outgoing introvert and are curious if you can relate to this description.

Often we are quickly divided into boxes. You are extroverted; I am introverted. We’re here to tell you that you can also be a mix of both because not everyone is the same. Below you will find 3 signs that may indicate that you are an outgoing introvert.

3 signs that you are an outgoing introvert

Your need for socializing depends on your energy level

Most extroverted people get energy when others surround them. With you, it is slightly different; you need enough energy to muster the courage to go to a social event there. Once you are there, you find it very cozy, and you are constantly talking to people.

If you’re already tired before you go to your appointment, the chances are that all you can think about is canceling. If you don’t have energy, you won’t get it from a group full of people. At such a moment, you would instead choose to do something for yourself.

You like to socialize with others, but you think my time is just as important

Do you enjoy meeting people? Then you are not 100% introverted. Psychologist Helene Brenner says, “No matter how friendly or outgoing you may be if you’re an introvert, you won’t feel naturally drawn into social endeavours.” If you feel like parties or meeting low-key people, you can call yourself an outgoing introvert.

That does not mean that you should completely put your me-time aside. As you may know, it is no problem for introverts to spend hours alone, and you are okay with that. There should always be a good balance between fun and time for yourself.

You feel great in a busy company – but you are exhausted afterward

Some people are still full of energy after a busy festival day (the extroverted people), but some feel fantastic at a festival and don’t mind relaxing on the couch at home afterward. If you recognize yourself in the latter, the term ‘outgoing introvert’ would suit you completely.

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