4 tips: this is how you approach a woman as a shy man

A man who fantasizes about a relationship with a nice woman but misses opportunities because you never dare to approach women? That’s a shame because maybe you’ll let the one go. That’s why we have four tips to help the shy man approach a woman.

Tips for shy men to approach women

Approaching a woman is always a bit of a thrill because you need to be vulnerable and keep cool with the idea that a woman like this could reject you. And you know, shit happens. It’s not always easy, but you will succeed in asking a nice woman out with these tips.

Don’t listen to the voice in your head

Approaching and dating a woman is fun and a good way to get rid of your insecurity. When the critic says in your head that for some reason you are not nice or good enough for that beautiful woman, you can prove to yourself that the opposite is true by ignoring that voice. In this way, approaching women is a kind of therapy, with nice dates as a bonus.

Dare to see communication as an experiment rather than a way to get something

Communication often has a direct goal. We want to convince someone. When we approach the cute lady, we want to impress a woman. It’s not easy, but it’s good to let go of this idea. Put more value on what you want to say rather than what you think she wants to hear.

When you can do that, you appear much more confident. This genuine self-assurance and authenticity are more impressive than any of your opening lines.

Rejection is not personal

Rejection is often not personal; it can be related to dozens of other things. Maybe she already has a boyfriend or just having a bad day. It also makes little sense to put it on you. Surely there are plenty of nice women on this planet.

Women are social too

We’ve all been rejected from time to time, but rejection doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t respect you or your action. Many women find it admirable if you dare to approach her in a confident, sincere and fun way.

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