5 bizarre ways human excretion is used as foods

Advanced human beings have existed for 200,000 years, and we have proven that we can do incredible things with our body’s excretory products.

We also have a great mind that sets us apart from other animals on Earth. This intelligence has allowed us to communicate, build great civilizations, invent unique technologies, and create art in different dimensions: music, painting, sculpture, and much more.

With our creative thinking and fantastic imagination, some people have come up with bizarre things that might sound disgusting to some people.

Here are five bizarre ways human excretion is used as foods

1. Urine for beer preparation

This is the latest human biological invention. In 2017, the Danish brewery showed that their new Pisner beer uses human urine in the process of beer production. As we all know, human urine is the liquid produced by the body for waste disposal.

Just to be clear, urine is not really in beer. Instead, the company uses urine to fertilize barley, which will later be used in the brewery. In the process of brewing, the first step is brewing barley. This is done by taking barley and soaking it in water (or urine) to soften it, which helps to split the starch in barley into sugars. This malt is heated and mixed with water to break it down further, creating a liquid called wort.

Then it is heated, and the hops are added to it. After this process, the mixture is cooled down. Yeast is added and left to ferment for a couple of weeks. After that, all that is left to do is to clean and bottle a little, and eventually you will get a beer. It’s not a big deal when it comes to drinking Pisner, but it can’t make it any less weird!

2. Eatable feces or excrements

Eatable feces or excrements
Burger for illustration

Feces, shit, excrements, poop! Whatever you call it, it is a part of our daily life excretion, though rough. So what in this world may people want to do with this gross product of human waste? Answer: Burgers! That is right.

In 2011, it was reported that Japanese scientists discovered a way to synthesize human feces into meat for human consumption. This crappy idea arose because a dense Tokyo population has swamped the sewage system with mud made from human excreta. It was one of the problems.

Then, there is a separate issue of feeding all these people. The answer to both problems came with this protein product made of sauce for steaks, soy (binder), and poop.

However, there are some doubts about the truthfulness of this story. Some news publications, such as Forbes, question the authenticity of the reports, as well as the possibility of even making such a “meat”.

3. Consuming your placenta

Consuming your placenta

The placenta is a female organ, which is attached to the inner part of the uterus during pregnancy. It takes care of the developing baby in the womb, providing it with nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord. Once the baby is born, the placenta is delivered as part of the postpartum.

So, as soon as it comes out, what will you do with it? Some people, such as socialite Kim Kardashian-West, would suggest you take it home and eat it. Honestly, she has turned her placenta into a pill, but it is unheard of to literally cook her last and eat it.

There are recipes all over the Internet, and there is even a cookbook that you can buy. Some recipes include cocktails, desserts, and lasagna.

Many believe that eating the placenta benefits the mother during recovery, increasing her energy, and fighting postpartum depression. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet fully supported this activity. However, there are believers and probably will always be.

4. Cooking food with s*men

Cooking food with semen

S*men is the male s*xual fluid that carries s*men, the cells responsible for the fertilization of the female egg. For most people, it is their only job to make a child. However, for some people, it is simply not enough. They prefer to cook with sp*rm and consume it.

Whether you like it or not, the s*men has snuck from the bedroom into the kitchen. There are even cookery books, which give readers numerous recipes on how to use it. Their argument is that the s*men is supposedly nutritious, cheap, easy to find, and has an excellent texture for cooking.

As stated in the description for Natural Harvest: a Collection of S*men-Based Recipes, “as a glass of fine wine and cheeses, the taste … it is complex and dynamic”. There are also cooking courses. In fact, only the previous year in London was held a lesson “cooking with sp*rm”. Some of its products include alcohol, caramel sauce, and kiwi smoothies.

5. M*nses blood for food and fertilizing plants

Menses blood for food and fertilizing plants

Every month, females at a certain age repeat their m*nstrual cycles. Their system prepares for pregnancy, and when this does not happen, it drops all this preparation, displacing the blood from the body.

M*nses blood is a combination of blood, and the uterine mucous membrane called the endometrium. Most of the time, women simply catch the contents with a sanitary pad, tampon, or other female product. But some women go even further.

They pay forward by fertilizing their gardens with their m*nstrual blood. No matter how outrageous it may seem, it makes sense, at least from a scientific point of view. Blood contains nitrogen, which is vital for plants because it plays an essential role in photosynthesis and growth.

However, in West Africa, in particular, some women mixed blood from their monthly flow with coffee or tea from their lovers, which they thought was an indisputable recipe for attracting his s*xual attention. The idea behind this is that a woman’s scent will be trapped in the sphere of her lover’s consciousness.

Having drunk this tea several times, the unsuspecting man then falls helplessly in love with the potions, and their souls are bound forever.

In some cases, some males are aware of this “additive” to their cup of coffee or tea and its consequences. They see this as a covenant of blood and agree to it, as well as seeing it as a way to get closer to their loved ones.

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