5 important things we begin to forget about

Our world would be a better place if we always apply justice, truth, honesty, and reliability to everything we do. But these are things we begin to forget easily unless they happen to us.

Look at the world around you – how is it for you? Most likely, so-so, to put it mildly. There is no single person in the world who considers it ideal, but who made it that way? After all, not God, and not in seven days, we have been building for a long time and persistently. The world or the existing world order reflects the moral character of the average person. This means that, in the first place, something is wrong with the people themselves. Simply put, the world lacks those qualities that most people forget.


Justice is subjective, but the fact is that people forget even about their ideas about justice. We step over our principles, instantly finding thousands of reasons for this. Probably, there is nothing easier at all than giving up your principles. It isn’t easy only the first time, because it is he who becomes the turning point. Then everything goes like clockwork – there is nothing to lose.

Everyone determines the framework of justice, depending on the situation and the actors, but the decisions made do not always correspond to inner convictions. If we begin to understand, it turns out that we are doing unfairly, mostly out of laziness. We are too lazy to delve into the problems, understand, and look for more complex solutions. We act like a tired judge signing death warrants before bed. For him, these are just sheets of paper with letters, but in reality, these are someone’s destinies.

In our daily life, the scale is, of course, smaller, but we pass judgment daily, everywhere, and easily. So if we are, why blame the world? The generally accepted norm is so dangerous that it becomes generally accepted.


Everyone lies, but it becomes a habit, literally a way of life for some people. Probably, everyone has such a friend, whom it is even better not to ask for the time. After all, even here, he will lie. It comes to a paradoxical situation when the result does not depend on whether the person tells the truth or lies, but he still chooses a lie. Just like that, just in case.

The world is full of liars, and, accordingly, the world itself is tolerant of lies. This vice is rarely properly condemned, yet you can hardly find anything more shameful than being caught in a lie. It is not as disgraceful to be a dirty vagrant as an eternal liar. After all, a tramp can be washed and changed, you can find a job for him, and he will become an ordinary person. Only the grave can fix the eternal liar. Again, why nod your head at politicians who never keep their promises where we are.


This is a real paradox. People are selfless when it comes to working. For some reason, they are ready to perform actions outside their official duties without asking for anything in return. At the same time, we are hypocritical businessmen in our personal life, where we ought to show such an excellent quality more often.

Surprisingly, sincere interest and a simple human desire to help inspire admiration in our world. That is, we admire what should be an ordinary human norm. This is a clear and bad signal because something rare is usually respected. An act that is selfless on the outside, as a rule, has a selfish root inside: he expects that the act will pay off in the future. This is no longer disinterestedness but a risky investment.


You can’t rely on anyone for the most part, except for parents, who, in turn, often cannot depend on us. If you have reliable friends you can always count on; then you are just lucky. The main thing here is not to be deceived: a friendship is not born in months; even a few years will not be enough. It is believed that friendship becomes real, so directly reinforced concrete after 7 years. Therefore, in no case should you lose childhood friends: you will never meet new ones like that.

We are unreliable in everyday life: we are easily late for meetings, reschedule or abandon already approved plans, coming up with ridiculous excuses. Some people would find hundreds of reasons not to press the button to save the world, located in the neighboring area of the city. Irresponsibility, infidelity (in a broad sense – from physical infidelity to rejection of one’s principles), and a dozen more similar qualities of a smaller caliber stretch along a string of unreliability.

Unreliable people form unreliable humanity, which, in turn, builds an unreliable world that will inevitably collapse one day.


Everyone in his life has heard the saying about the relationship between the initiative and the initiator. Sometimes it comes to the point that initiative as quality becomes comical, a reason for jokes with an admixture of contempt.

Such a wild distortion could form only in a deeply sick society, and this is not about some country but all of humanity. Most people have enough initiative in everyday life to take out their smartphones and record a video. When it comes to some serious or at least real actions, everyone and everything becomes indifferent.

For this reason, global stagnation is taking place, and the best example of this is space exploration. Since the 70s of the last century, we have moved forward by pitiful centimeters, have not taken a single real step.

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