“5 minutes longer”: Demi Lovato reveals new details about overdose

The first part of ‘Dancing With The Devil’, a new documentary about the life of Demi Lovato (28), will not be released until next week, but in the meantime, there is already a lot to be done about the content of the film. For example, the singer is very candid about her overdose that almost killed her in 2018, and this is also evident from a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “I am grateful that I can still sit here today,” it sounds there.

Demi Lovato has always been very open about her addictions in the past, but in her documentary ‘Dancing With The Devil,’ the singer really does not mince words.

Just before the release of her documentary, the singer was a guest on CBS Sunday Morning. Many people do not know how serious her problems were, and Demi now wants to get rid of them.

In the clip, which was just released, she says, among other things, that she is very grateful that she is still here today. It would not have been a matter of time, or the 28-year-old singer would not have been there anymore.

“Afterwards, the doctors told me that I wouldn’t have been there if no one had found me at the time. It shouldn’t have lasted longer than five to ten minutes,” said Demi about her 2018 overdose.

Demi previously told Ellen DeGeneres that there was a lot to talk about but that she could count on a lot of support from her fans. “There has been a lot of love and support.” Something the singer herself is very happy about. By speaking so honestly about her experiences, she hopes she can help others recover.

In her documentary, Demi does not only talk about her drug use. For example, she admits that she was sexually assaulted on the night of her overdose.

In addition, the consequences that Lovato had to contend with afterward are also discussed. In the meantime, we are already three years later and the singer, for example, is still not allowed to drive a car because her vision is too badly damaged.

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