50 Cent and The Game: The two rappers bury the hatchet

50 cent and The Game are presented as the two rappers who have had the longest clash in rap history.

It all started in 2000, The Game gets confused with his boss 50 Cent after the release of his album The Documentary.

While most of the big singles were written by 50 cents, the Game has kindly stolen him. This caused serious tension between the two rappers.

The fault is mainly due to the refusal of Game to get involved in the confusion of the label, including the open war with Nas.

From there, there followed a quasi decade of pikes of all kinds, in total more than a hundred titles scattered on various albums, mixtapes and freestyles.

While many thought that Jayceon Taylor (Game) and Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) irreconcilable, for two years now the war between the two rappers seems to diminish in intensity.

We remember that since 2016, The Game has always been the one that has made the clean slate of this tumultuous past. He was seen at one of the showcases 50 Cent in a box in Los Angeles, the Playhouse.

In March of the same year 50 Cent and The Game found themselves by chance at LA’s Ace of Diamonds strip club where The Game took the opportunity to take the microphone and say in front of the crowd: “I’m cool with 50 cents, what happened was 12 years ago”.

Last week, on Wednesday night, the two rappers were filmed on the occasion of the birthday of Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden. They were then exchanging a few words in their ear.

So it’s clear that for 50 cents and The Game is the return to peace.

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