6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look

Knowing how to paint properly is a great weapon with which you can highlight the strengths of your face and cover any imperfections. You can even hide a few years with the right makeup and get a more youthful look if you feel you need it.

Indeed, by following the appropriate makeup tips, your face can look younger and fresher. Discover 6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look!

Limit the amount of makeup you use

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You may need less makeup than you think! By putting a large amount, you do not cover imperfections and make your face not look natural and fresh. Besides, after a few hours, even the best makeup “breaks.”

This will result in your wrinkles or fine lines being more noticeable than it would be if you put on a normal amount of makeup.

Fill in your eyebrows

6 makeup tips to have a more  youthful look!

As the years go by, the eyebrows tend to become thinner. If you have noticed that something like this happens to you, you can camouflage it with the right makeup.

So it is enough to fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil very close to their natural color. And, of course, you need to be very careful when plucking your eyebrows so that you do not thin them too much.

Highlight the cheekbones with the right color

6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look!

Rosy cheeks evoke a youthful image. So, make sure you do not forget to apply blush on your cheekbones to look fresher. Prefer blush in shades such as pink or peach to get the best result.

Say yes to mascara

6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look!

The lashes are the key point for an irresistible look. Whatever your age, you need to focus on your lashes to look charming and a little younger if you feel you need it. So say yes to mascara and even apply 2-3 coats for the best result.

Use brown eyeliner

6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look!

The eyeliner is another favorite cosmetic eye. Most likely, you are using black eyeliner. But did you think that black might be bright enough for your face?

So if the effect of time is obvious around your eyes, perhaps a better solution would be brown eyeliner, which is more discreet but still makes your eyes look big and impressive.

A little shine will help

6 makeup tips to have a more youthful look!

The glow is something that usually scares women who have passed a certain age. Wrong, but because if used strategically, it can become a good ally for a youthful look. A champagne eye shadow, a little glow in the inner corner of the eyes or on the cheekbone is enough for a healthier and brighter image!

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