6 natural remedies to normalize digestion

If you often suffer from stomach pain does not mean that this problem is difficult and expensive to solve. A small change in your diet is all it takes to produce more beneficial microbes that help break down and digest your food. We have collected several ways to deal with inflammation in the stomach without the help of pills.

Green tea

The polyphenols in green tea fuel the beneficial microbes in our stomachs. Most of them are found in green tea, nuts, and olive oil, so choose these products if you want to stimulate your metabolism.

Resistant starch

Recent analyzes confirm that so-called starch-resistant foods take longer to degrade in the small intestine and become a source of fiber for microbes. This is very beneficial for gut health, so scientists recommend consuming more potatoes, bananas, and legumes to avoid digestive problems.


How to make your workouts more varied and effective

Scientists suggest that raising your heart rate and improving your overall cardiovascular health may be a good way to support a healthy gut microbiome or repair a damaged one. We noticed this almost by accident: in a study of women who survived breast cancer. It negatively affects the microbial diversity of the intestines, but the better the woman’s cardiac system was, the higher the indicators were.

To achieve this effect, you do not need to get a serious illness – you need to exercise regularly to stimulate your blood circulation.

Zinc carnosine

Zinc carnosine is usually taken as a supplement sold at pharmacies and health food stores or obtained from large amounts of meat. A 2016 study recommended zinc-carnosine for Olympic athletes on the basis that the intestinal lining appears more porous in people who exercise very intensely. If you often have increased stress, this probability should be checked together with your gastroenterologist.

Whole grains

6 natural remedies to normalize digestion

A 2017 study found that eating whole grains rather than refined grains is better for a healthy gut microbiome. Just six weeks of consumption – and the state of beneficial microbes in your stomach will be improved. Choose foods made from white flour, brown rice, buckwheat, and barley to try the effect for yourself.

New fruits and vegetables

Another easy way to improve your digestion is to start tasting unfamiliar fruits and vegetables that you usually avoid in the grocery store.

A study published found that Tanzanians have the widest range of microbiomes globally – 40% higher than the average US resident. Tanzanians eat about 600 species of plants and animals a year, and their diet varies greatly from season to season.

Eating various foods is an entirely new concept that does not follow the usual “eat what is familiar” rule. If you prefer fish – look for new types; if you like fruit salads – look for exotic ingredients.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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