12 types of men psychologists don’t recommend dating

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is challenging for girls to find an adequate, decent guy who would bring confidence and stability to a relationship. Of course, you need to find something good in every man. But there are some types of young people with whom psychologists do not recommend building close relationships. And they are in front of you.

1. Overly talkative

Many of us need to understand that our stories are not that interesting, and for the sake of them, you should not distract your partner. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. Overly talkative guys barely cover their mouths due to lack of security.

It is easier for them that someone else knows about their problems, so that, if anything, that person can always offer help. It’s also likely that these guys are just selfish or narcissistic.

2. Narcissus

When talking about narcissism, avoid any “carriers” of this character trait. This type of people is emotionally draining because their representatives mistakenly believe that they should always be the center of attention. They quickly transfer their problems to others, not realizing that it is they are to blame. If you don’t want unhealthy relationships, stay away from male narcissists.

3. Drama king

If your significant other cannot live a single week without drama, as if you are on the set of a TV series or movie, consider giving up this person and start moving on without him. Your relationship will only consist of negative situations and emotions. Why spoil your youth?

4. Liar

Suppose you are fortunate enough to be paired with someone who thinks honesty is not a top priority in a relationship. In that case, you should move on without that person because you can never take their word for it or start trusting them. And if we have to convince you of this … you are doomed.

5. Desperate

This is very obvious, but if you catch even a whiff of despair in the air from a potential partner, you might want to think twice about whether you want to develop a relationship with such a person. Firstly, despair is unattractive only in the initial stages of a relationship, and secondly, a desperate person seeks a relationship only to avoid loneliness. Don’t mess with desperate men.

6. Drink lover

If you find a good person, but you do not like their habits (smoking or alcohol), this can seriously affect your relationship at any time. First, the behavior of such men is highly unpredictable.

Are you sure your boyfriend will stay faithful to you if he drinks a little more than his norm? Or would you like to have children from a smoker with ten years of experience? Help these people break their addictions and bad habits, but don’t get too attached to them. And it would help if you indeed weren’t romantically involved with them.

7. “A man is always right”

If you notice that the person you are dating always says that his opinion is always correct (and yours is not), it is better to break up with him. A selfish partner who cannot get into the position of his girlfriend and hear her words is not worthy of being with you. You don’t have to constantly give in to your boyfriend

because you have a close relationship with him.

8. Gossip

You must be sure that by sharing any information with your soul mate, it will remain only in your partner’s head and will not go beyond. Who wants to be with whoever spreads your rumors? If you can’t trust your boyfriend, you shouldn’t be around him. A young man is your best friend in combination. If he constantly lets you down, he doesn’t appreciate or respect you.

9. He often remembers his ex

Ladies, stay away from people who often mention their ex-partners in conversation. Firstly, they are still attached to their ex; secondly, their past love story is not over yet; and thirdly, they are not ready to build new relationships. Don’t date people who still have feelings for their ex. You cannot change their attitude towards you.

10. Lack of self-confidence

If a man does not have self-confidence, does not value himself, and does not love himself, he first needs to improve his self-esteem and then go about his personal life. It would help if you didn’t date guys like that because your relationship will be based on pity alone.

Again, there are hardly any positives in your pair. Do not expect sincere compliments from such men because they can hardly find something good in themselves. In any case, either way, or later, you will get tired of listening to self-criticism and self-flagellation every day. Your relationship is doomed.

11. Treats others badly

If you are in a restaurant on a date, and your potential boyfriend is rude to the waitress or any other person, there is absolutely no point in counting on something profound. They probably lack empathy and respect from others and feel that people are inferior to them. If you think this is normal, you probably belong to this category of people yourself. And that’s the only way you can get together.

12. Lover of excuses

If you constantly hear some excuses from a man, think about whether you want to go further in life with such a person? You are unlikely to be sure about this guy because you do not know how things were in a particular situation.

Too late for a meeting, and the man says that he was in a traffic jam? What if he was with another girl at that moment? Doesn’t want intimacy with you because he is allegedly tired at work? What if he just stopped loving you? Such people are prone to lying. You shouldn’t have anything to do with them.

Tip: trust your intuition

Honestly, the best love counselor is your intuition. Moreover, in girls, it is more developed than in males. That is why it is worth sometimes listening to your intuition to understand whether a particular partner is right for you or not.

Trust yourself. And if you feel that something is wrong with your companion, consider breaking up with him.

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