7 common mistakes we make in the shower you don’t know

Many of us find it normal to shower at least once a day. However, this habit makes us constantly repeat a series of mistakes in the shower, both in hygiene and personal care. Pay attention to the following common mistakes and avoid them if possible.

The water temperature is too hot

Common mistakes we make in the shower

Many of us are accustomed to showering in hot water to warm up after a walk or relax. But a hot shower can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it dry and flaky.

Hot temperatures can even cause global problems like eczema. In addition to damaging your skin, boiling water from the shower can also cause hair loss or dandruff.

In order not to injure your skin and hair, train yourself to take a contrast shower. It will retain moisture and oils and stimulate rapid hair growth.

Don’t shower for so long

Taking a very long shower is not a good idea. This is the same as taking a shower with very hot water. Try a shower for about 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can also provoke the appearance of acne, irritated skin, etc.

Don’t use mud masks

We encourage the use of good mud masks because they help the skin absorb oils better. But truth be told, dirt can dry out if misused. The best time to indulge in a mud treatment is while you are in the shower.

The steam opens the skin’s pores, which allows the mask to do a deeper cleansing, and the moisture in the air prevents your skin from hardening and dehydrating.

A lot of lather and foaming products are not as good as you think

Some soaps and shampoos are very lathery because they contain various harmful substances. Their function is to wash away fat molecules with water molecules.

Note that the more lather the soap or gel produces, the more oil is removed from the skin. This will result in dry, rough skin.

It’s also not advisable to use antibacterial soaps unless your doctor recommends them.

Always try to buy soaps with a pH of 5.5, as indicated on the label. This is an alkaline level that is safe for the skin.

Old sponges

Common mistakes we make in the shower

Old sponges may be softer, but they’re not exactly recommended for showering or bathing. Although you might not believe it, long-term use of the same sponges can be detrimental to your health.

You should know that they have become a perfect home for bacteria and fungi. Because of this, you should not use the same sponge for more than 4 weeks in a row.

Getting used to shaving before the shower

If you want to shower and immediately grab your razor, it’s time to rethink this habit. To get the maximum shaving effect and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, give your legs five minutes to allow the skin to absorb some steam.

This will allow the pores to open and soften the hair, which leads to smooth legs.

Common mistakes we make in the shower

Wipe yourself properly

Do not overdo it when drying yourself with a towel after a shower. It’s best not to use coarse towels that leave your body slightly damp. After showering, be sure to apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
Pay attention to areas that require special attention. These are:

  • armpits;
  • legs, especially between the toes;
  • groin area.

Do not rub your skin quickly to remove moisture. Blot the skin with a towel – this will be enough.

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