7 places in the house where you can’t hide money

There is no point in believing that the “money” hidden at home is absolutely safe: dozens of domestic thefts are committed in cities every day.

The robbers take out not only valuable things but also money left in different places.

To know where you can’t and where you can keep money, you need to understand the logic of a thief who first entered the house.

The most dangerous places to keep money


Frequent television trope is hosts leaving money in centrefolds of books. The robbers are well aware of it, so they’ll check the bookshelves first. If at least one stash is found, then the entire shelf will suffer.

Among things

Often money and valuables are kept in clothes, including underwear. Thieves will quickly guess to look there, and if the clothes belong to expensive brands, they will take it along with the money.


Vases and other items for interior decoration are immediately striking, so they will be immediately checked. There is a risk that they will be damaged in the search for money.

Places in the bathroom: behind the toilet cistern, under the pipes, in the tubs, in the closets

Since the bathroom is smaller than other rooms in the apartment, it will not be difficult to examine it in detail and find all the hidden bills. And after the invasion, repairs will also have to be made.

In the refrigerator

Money will not suffer from the cold, so some resort to stacking it on shelves among food. But the chances that burglars will open the refrigerator, at least out of interest, is extremely high – and the most experienced of them are already

familiar with this method.

Among cans and bulk materials

Another storage place among foodstuffs is in the same place where there are jars of pickles, cereals, salt, washing powder. At first glance, it seems that it is most difficult to search where there are many items, but in reality, thieves will throw them on the floor and find money among the fragments.

On the back and bottom walls of furniture

Furniture is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter an apartment. The bandits act according to the same logic, turning over the bedside tables and wardrobes in search of envelopes glued to the back walls. Household appliances also suffer, behind which they are also often hidden.

And where is it worth hiding money in the house?

Undoubtedly, any place in the apartment is in danger when thieves get into it. If the owners guessed somewhere to hide the thing, then the robbers will guess to look there.

Another thing is that they do not have much time to turn the whole house, so they may not get to some objects. If an alarm is installed in the house, they have no more than 7-10 minutes for the whole robbery.

A difficult but proven way is to sew money into upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses discreetly. They will be reached last, but it makes sense to do this only with those not used regularly.

Skirting boards, sockets, chandeliers – all these places are hard to reach, so they will be the last to be checked.

However, to avoid accidentally losing the large sums stored at home, it is always better to transfer them to bank accounts.

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