8 reasons why you are not interested in anything and how to fix it

Some people, it seems, are not interested in anything: they live by work, they do not know how to rest, most activities cause them frank boredom or irritation. If you have been trying for a long time to find at least something that could captivate you, but all your attempts were in vain, this article is for you. We have collected the most common reasons you have no interest in anything.

You force yourself to do things that annoy you

If you get a hobby because it is in fashion or because your friends or someone you love does it, if you have tried something and are disappointed, but still do not dare to give it up because you feel pity for the money or time involved, if you have to fill your free time with activities that annoy you, then the reason for your lack of interest is obvious.

You break yourself, deny yourself your true desires, try to adjust to someone else, drown out your negative emotions, and in the end, you get absolute indifference to anything. You don’t care what to do, what to watch, where to go. There is only one way out of this situation: to abandon all activities that, in one way or another, cause you irritation and other negative emotions. Well, start trying something new to understand what you are interested in.

You do not allow yourself to be lazy and rest

Some people don’t take vacation seriously. They try to keep themselves occupied with something useful, such as work or household chores, even on their well-deserved weekend or vacation.

The inability to rest negatively affects a person’s mental and physical condition. He quickly becomes numb, tired, emotionless; he ceases to be interested in anything. If you think that rest is an indulgence of laziness, you cannot afford to lie on the couch doing nothing, leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, or tell your boss who calls on the weekend that you will not touch your work, then don’t marvel at your indifference. To experience some positive emotions, you must regularly restore your inner resources to do something with pleasure.

Give yourself time to recover. Stop forcing yourself to do something, look for new things to do, or create obstacles in your path, and interest in you will begin to awaken on its own.

You don’t use your strengths

Nothing piques your interest because you’ve never wondered what you’re good at. When you don’t do what you get calm, reflecting you as a person and developing you as a professional, you feel the unrealized potential in yourself. You want more, but you do not know what to show yourself in.

Think carefully: what you have always done best. What did you dream of doing, people with what hobbies you envied, what people around you constantly consulted with. Besides the obvious ones, many questions can help you get to the bottom of the truth, so use them.

You get stuck in a routine

You wake up, go to work, then come home, fall asleep, and everything repeats. If this is a typical description of your day, and you have nothing more to add, then let’s get straight to the point. You are swallowed up by routine; you live monotonously, it seems to you that you have no choice but to repeat the same actions day after day for several years, maybe decades. You do it because you have to, not because you want to do it.

When you get stuck in a routine, you don’t have the time and energy to do something interesting or enjoyable. In addition, you lose the ability to want, doing only what you need for a long time. In this case, even on your weekends, when you can control how you spend your free time, out of habit, you will sit down to work or take up solving everyday problems


Try to include half an hour or an hour of doing something that you have not tried before in your daily life. So you can train yourself to be distracted by something pleasant, and at the same time, you will understand what is interesting to you through trial and error.

You’re afraid to try new things

Often your lack of interest in something is due to your fear of new pursuits. For example, you want to learn to play the guitar for a long time, but you constantly pull yourself up, saying that you are too old for this, too serious or that the music is too difficult for you.

Gradually, you begin to believe in it, plus, in addition to everything, the fear of condemnation and the fear of making a mistake starts to press on you. Not finding the strength to face your fears, you will continue to suffer because of not understanding what to spend your free time on.

Everything new is scary because you never know whether the time, effort, money, and so on invested by you will pay off. But if you don’t try, you won’t know, so start experimenting. Read about different hobbies, consult with friends and family, watch video tutorials and masterclasses to understand what might be of interest to you.

You are marking time in one place

Sometimes the lack of interest in anything means that you mark time in one place, remaining at the “passed” level. You have some desires, dreams, and ideas of what to do next with yourself, with your life and free time, but you can’t start to realize them.

Something you can’t do alone, some changes are constantly postponed for later, in some ways you lie to yourself so as not to worry once again. So it turns out that to make some changes for the better, you need to earn a little more money, hold out a little more at the hated job, spend another couple of years on preparation.

Sometimes, to pull yourself together and start changing your life, freeing up time for a hobby, trying something new, experimenting, meeting different interesting people, you need to take it and do it, and not wait for the right moment. Remember this the next time you want to postpone everything for a mythical “later.”

You do not have the opportunity to do what you are interested in

For example, you were fired from your favorite job or you can no longer play sports games, although you have been doing this since childhood. The loss of an occupation that was almost the meaning of your life for you can lead to a state of apathy when you will not be interested in anything. Here it is important to notice changes in your behavior and way of thinking in time and switch to some other activity.

You don’t want to change anything

Harsh, but reality: you are used to going with the flow, and it suits you. You don’t want to change anything, you are comfortable spending your free time watching stupid videos or flipping through memes. You are completely satisfied with your idleness, and if you suddenly get bored, you shift the responsibility for your pastime onto your friends and family. They are trying to find something to do for you, to involve you in some kind of joint activity, or to entertain you.

Until you yourself want to change something in your life, everything will remain in place. So it’s enough to shift the responsibility to others, it is better, at least for the sake of variety, to organize your leisure time yourself.

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