How to solve a problem at work

At work, various problems can arise: the intrigues of colleagues, strained relations in the work collective, mistakes made, friction with superiors, violation of rights by the employer. In each of these cases, it is important to know how to behave correctly.

First, identify the source of the problem. It is important to take a deep look at what is happening since the reason for the deterioration of the work environment is not always obvious. Sometimes, the real source of problems is hidden in the form of an envious coworker or a creeping system error. Discuss the state of affairs with those you trust. Take note of their views on this matter.

If you are intrigued by an envious colleague, figure out how to neutralize him. The villain has the advantage as long as he can operate secretly behind your back. It may be worth telling him frankly that the reason for this is obvious to you. Sometimes it is enough to notify someone third – an employee or a boss, or even bring the envious’s black deeds for general discussion.

It is bad when problems come down to strained relations in the work collective; in this case, it is very difficult to work fruitfully. To improve the climate of interpersonal relationships with employees, try to find common interests that unite you outside of work. Look for opportunities to spend some free time together. To increase labour productivity, arrange comic competitions with small prizes. Whenever possible, surprise your employees and compliment them. You will see that soon you will have only positive emotions from work.

If the problem appeared due to a mistake that you made, do not rush to put such a situation in view. First, think about what you can do to resolve it. Try to fix the error on your own. If you see that it is not within your power to change the situation, go to a frank conversation with your boss. The boss must learn about the problem from you. So there will be a chance to present what happened in the right light and offer salvage measures thought out in advance. And this will greatly ease your situation.

When the problem is friction with your boss, try not to go into open conflict. You should also not discuss your boss with your colleagues – it can turn against you. If the boss is misbehaving, and there is also a boss above him, seek help from senior management.

If a conflict has arisen directly with the employer, then the labor dispute committee, labor inspectorate, trade union are those instances where they can help you. Apply there in writing, attach the evidence you have, demand protection of your rights.

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