8 signs you are paying more attention to others than you need to

There is nothing wrong with being generous and kind and helping the people around you when you need it. On the contrary, it characterizes you as a good person. But remember that the main thing in any business is not to overdo it, because by regularly exhausting ourselves, doing good to others, we risk forgetting about our own needs.

Here are some signs that you are giving people a lot more than you should, and it’s time for you to focus on yourself.

You feel exhausted

You are always close to those people who need help at the moment. More precisely, you are always the very person who will offer it as soon as he notices something amiss. With this approach, you will begin to feel that you have neither time nor energy left for yourself sooner or later.

It’s almost impossible to lie down, to relax, and watch your favorite TV show – you spend all of yourself on those around you.

You forget about your needs

Do you suddenly remember that you never changed your tires or bought yourself some groceries, and you have nothing to eat for breakfast in the morning because the refrigerator is empty? Don’t be surprised: it could be a person’s syndrome who strives to be good for everyone.

In the hustle and bustle and eternal haste, solving other people’s problems, it is so easy to forget about your own. By the way, this also applies to aspirations and hobbies. You spend all your resources to ensure that all your plans come true for the people around you.

What about you? Consider whether you should sacrifice your own goals and dreams for the sake of someone saying a simple “thank you” to you. And do not consider this question a manifestation of selfishness – someday, you will still have to start putting yourself first.

You allow others to hurt you, and you do not realize it

You are always ready to help other people because you are not indifferent to them and want to make them happy. Often there is a great danger behind this: you become more sensitive to their words and actions and allow yourself to be hurt, ignoring any signs that a person dear to you has long ceased to respond to your good deeds in kind.

Your relationship has become toxic

You allow your partner to rely on you over and over again, even in situations where your help is not needed at all. In other words, you have become the person who will solve all the problems of another while he is resting and having fun, without participating in the process.

This kind of relationship is considered toxic and drains you greatly. If you don’t like something, you should start building a constructive dialogue, not be afraid to defend your interests, and live in humility.

You are helping the wrong people

In other words, you close your eyes to the obviously unworthy behavior of a person, justify it because you want to believe in the best.

But with your actions, you only attract the wrong people into your life – those who will be with you all the time, as long as you are at least a little useful to them. It’s convenient.

You see that your relationship is suffering

It’s not just about romantic relationships, no. You can give yourself to others to such an extent that all your connections will suffer.

You run the risk of ruining relationships with family, close friends, and everyone who has supported you for years simply because you focus on helping people who don’t give a damn about you.

You feel manipulated

Let’s say, if such a thought comes to mind, you already need to be wary because you are most likely right. Take a closer look at the people around you, analyze your relationship and stop letting others use you and your powers for selfish purposes.

You don’t feel happy

When we help the right people, we feel better: joy and delight come. If you only feel exhaustion at the end of the day, then it’s time for you to stop giving your strength to people who do not deserve your time. You are also important, and you can and should give yourself only to those people who appreciate it.

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