8 things that make women find men unattractive

We regularly write about women and things that we men find unattractive. However, it is also the other way around. Women can be annoyed immensely by unattractive traits in men. Read on to find out what women are saying about this.

What makes men unattractive?

A bad attitude

Women really hate it when you have a bad attitude. Unfriendly, uninterested or conceited are things that you should always leave out. This is a big turn-off. If you do, don’t be surprised if you are rejected very quickly afterward.

Bad table manners

According to the ladies, you must have good table manners. Holding a fork in your right hand and working it all down doesn’t make anything but a good impression. So make sure you use proper manners even at the table.

Poor oral hygiene

A less surprising one, but no less important. We think this is important for women too, right? You really can’t have bad breath. Brush your teeth neatly twice a day, use your toothpick regularly, and use mouthwash to clean properly. That fresh breath is appreciated.

Doesn’t smell good

Basically an extension of the previous point. Overall, a woman likes it when you smell good. With bad odors, she will run away faster. So shower regularly, choose a perfume that suits you, and don’t forget your deodorant! What is also very important: make sure you wear clothes with a fresh scent.


“Honesty is the best policy” is often said. This also applies to women. Lying is not possible and makes a man unattractive. So always be honest!

Boastful behavior

Keep the big talk to yourself from now on. Women find it absolutely unattractive when you brag about your qualities, achievements, and other things all day long. Of course, you can be proud of what you’ve done and tell it, but don’t always show it off.

Not open to new things

This can be a big turn-off for a woman in several ways. Whether this is a new holiday destination, a special dish or a cinema film: it is just annoying. Ladies indicate that this can sometimes be a major cause of a rut in the relationship. So be open to new ideas!


Of course, a little healthy jealousy is part of it. This shows that you love her. Just try not to go overboard with possessiveness. Constantly wanting to know where she is, what she is doing, and who she is with is a real no-go for a woman. Trust her and give her the freedom she needs.

Now you know which things to avoid in the future because they are unattractive.

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