What men think women find attractive but don’t

Sending signals to the other person can sometimes be very complicated and confusing when it comes to love. Although you may have been on several dates with the person you like, it could just be that the other person is walking around with entirely different intentions.

Because how do you know exactly what the other person thinks about you? And what qualities could it possibly turn off?

Love is a concept that can still cause a lot of confusion. Have you had a lady in your head for some time that you can’t get enough of? Then, you want nothing more than that this is entirely mutual and that she finds you attractive. The hard truth about attraction is that attracting the opposite gender isn’t just about one’s looks, physical appearance, or the perfect figure.

For a serious and long-term relationship, there are many more character traits to consider. While it’s sometimes confusing what the opposite gender wants from you, and the saying “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” goes for nothing, we give you the 5 things that men think women find attractive but don’t.

1. Show little emotion

Being overly emotionless seems to be one of the most common turn-offs for women. You don’t always want to show yourself from your most vulnerable side, especially when ups and downs beat you. In addition, no one wants to be labelled as “the weak man” as society expects men to be strong even during life’s toughest challenges.

Although you don’t have to throw everything on the table immediately, it is, of course, not the intention to come across as some robot. Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your skin? Then it’s okay to show your vulnerable side now and then. You have to find a balance here, though. Being too emotionally dependent on a woman is not sexy either.

2. Have a “normal” haircut

Do you suffer from a receding hairline, or does your always brown hair gradually turn grey? Don’t worry. Women don’t seem to care about this as much as you might think at first. While getting hair implants, for example, will boost your self-confidence, the other party doesn’t need to do it to be found attractive. Grey hair or not: when it comes to love, it won’t depend on this.

3. Being taller than the woman

Although a lot of men think that women find this attractive, this is not always the case. Because be honest with yourself: don’t have a chance in love, simply because you are too short? That doesn’t sound realistic at all. Although every woman would have her wish list, height will not be an issue for most ladies.

4. Have a lot of money in the bank account

Some men think that women go by the smell of banknotes, but this is not quite the case. A woman who loves you doesn’t care how much money you make or what kind of expensive car you drive. All you have to do as a man is to be confident and independent. Of course, making a lot of money has something to do with this, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to achieve this. A steady source of income will do wonders.

5. Having large gen!tals

This is a common trait that men think women need to be happy. “The bigger your gen!tals, the happier the partner.” If you are concerned about this, we now indicate that you can get this out of your head. Most women don’t care about the most significant part of the gen!tals. As a wise man said, “It doesn’t say anything about you as a person, and it doesn’t even say whether you’re good in bed or not.”

This means that women are much more concerned with personality, character, and intentions to make her happy than with oversized gen!tals when it comes to a serious relationship.

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