8 tips for the perfect application outfit

You can explain it so well, with the wrong looks, you do not make a perfect impression when applying. Therefore, take these 8 specific tips into account.

1. Check the ‘style’ of the company in advance

Ask yourself in advance what style the company you are visiting is promoting. A good tip is to browse the company’s website or social media channels.

2. Doubt? Choose classic

A suit or a blouse with a skirt? A tie or not? If you really have doubts, go for the most classic version. A bit nicer still gives a better impression than accidentally too casual.

3. Take the function into account

Are you going for a job as a sales manager, as an educator or as a gardener? It is quite logical that you see different types of work togs in various professional categories, although that does not mean that you have to show up immediately in dungarees when applying for a job in a horticultural company.

4. Don’t forget the shoes

A neat suit with sneakers underneath? Then you make it very clear that you are only properly dressed for your job interview. So wear shoes that match the clothing style.

5. Wash, iron, and shine

Think in time about the outfit that you want to wear during a job interview. This gives you enough time to wash and iron your clothes or sew on a missing button. Also, check your shoes. Maybe they can still use some shoe polish.

6. Don’t stand out

Making an impression is one of the objectives of your application. But make sure you don’t stand out because of the wrong reasons. Do not spread a breathtaking perfume cloud or musty cigarette smell. Do not exaggerate with jewelry. Realize that people in every sector are not as broad-minded when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Wide-open shirts, extremely deep necklines, and ultra-short miniskirts let you finally where they belong: in the 80s.

7. Put on a watch

Checking your smartphone before, during or after your job interview can create an uninterested impression. With a wristwatch, you keep track of time, and it is classy too.

8. Is your hair comfortable?

The same applies to your hair as to your clothing: you can show your personality, but always keep it tidy.

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