9 tips to protect your home from thieves during the holidays

We will be going on holiday again in the next few weeks. An ideal period for burglars because, according to official figures, burglaries mainly occur during the holiday period.

Homes where no one is at home simply attract attention. So what is the best way to leave your home if you want to avoid thieves? We share 9 practical tips.

1. Make your home look as lived-in as possible

A house where there is no movement attracts the attention of thieves. Do not leave your shutters down for two weeks. Make sure someone visits regularly. Not only to water the flowers on your balcony but to check whether everything is still in order in the house.

2. Work with timers for your outdoor lighting

Burglars hate it when lights suddenly flash when they walk through your garden because they are easily recognizable. What’s more: it often makes them flee. Install motion sensors and timers for your outdoor lighting so that the garden lights up completely when there are unwanted visitors.

3. Provide good theft insurance

If you take the necessary precautions, you can preventively protect yourself against burglars. But you can never completely rule out the risk. That is why additional theft insurance is not an exaggerated luxury. You can also take out this with your fire insurance, which does cover not only your stolen items but also the damage resulting from the burglary.

4. Empty your mailbox

A no-brainer: a bulging mailbox asks for unwanted visitors. Have your neighbors or friends pick up the mail once daily to make it look like you’re home.

5. Have another car in your driveway

A house with a car parked in the driveway looks much more inhabited than a house with an empty parking space in front of the door. Enlist the help of your neighbors and let them park in your driveway for a while.

6. Don’t trumpet that you’re gone

Thieves love social media. They love nothing more than for someone to send photos out into the world from their holiday resort. It is a breeze to find out your address via Facebook, for example, and to go on a targeted raid. So keep it discreet when you go on vacation, and don’t post publicly that you’re not there.

7. Close everything properly

Windows closed properly? A solid security lock on the door? Extra locks on the inside of your windows so that they cannot be kicked open? Going on holiday safely also means that you close your house properly.

8. Don’t leave valuables lying around visibly

The less there is to pick up, the less thieves will be interested in your home. So make sure that no tablet is visible on your kitchen table. Don’t leave expensive high-tech lying around in the living room. And remove all jewels from the bathroom and your bedroom.

9. Apply for holiday supervision

In some municipalities, you can request ‘holiday supervision’ from the police during your absence. The police will then regularly check your home, both during the day and at night.

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