9 unpleasant things successful people don’t talk about

Often, when they talk about how to get from rags to riches, they mean classic success, where the main thing is desire, and everything else is no longer difficult. But the reality is far from these mantras, and behind success lies a lot of unpleasant things that people who have achieved a lot in their lives do not like to talk about.

This article is not intended to scare you that all your undertakings will cost nothing. On the contrary, we want to warn you against rash decisions and high expectations so that you go to your success, knowing about possible problems on your way.

Money solves most if not all problems

When they talk about success stories, when a person had nothing and broke into people, these are special cases. The reality is that initial capital is a big part of success. And we are talking not only about direct financial support but also about quality education, good upbringing, and so on. All those successful businessmen who almost pray to millions of people, like Elon Musk, in fact, did not start their business from scratch but received money from their parents.

Therefore, when they tell you that both you and Elon Musk had the same conditions at the start, but because of laziness, you could not achieve anything, this is an outright lie.

There will be a lot of fake friends around you

When you become successful, it will seem to you that there are many friends around you who are ready to come to the rescue. In fact, almost all of these people are just your partners, acquaintances, and sometimes just suckers who are with you only because of money, fame or another resource. Therefore, successful people have to put up with the fact that almost none of their circle of acquaintances can be called true friends, much less rely on them.

People expect extraordinary solutions from you

When you achieve something and become successful, you immediately find yourself in front of everyone. Someone considers you their idol, an ideal that cannot be wrong, others are closely watching your actions, waiting for you to stumble. In any case, successful people’s lives no longer belong to them because certain actions are expected of them.

If you think that you can just spit on these expectations, then you are wrong. Of course, this can be done, but such a decision can affect financial well-being, prestige, status, and other things important for a successful person. Therefore, you have to constantly grow above yourself, even if it seems to you that you have reached the ceiling.

You have to do everything yourself

As we said above, a successful person can rely on a few people in important matters. Gradually, when you achieve heights, the realization comes that you are above most other people in your field, and you can no longer just take and entrust the performance of certain work without constant supervision. Therefore, you have to constantly monitor even small steps so that people do not make fatal mistakes and do not let everything go along a known route.

You can forget about the rest

When they show the life of a typical successful billionaire, it looks like a fairy tale: traveling around the world in their own villas, dinner parties overlooking the ocean, golf on the weekends, and so on. But this is a picture that people paint who do not understand what is behind success. And behind it lies the hard daily work, because you need to be competitive, have up-to-date information, apply new methods and, of course, control subordinates. All this is impossible if you devote yourself entirely to recreation and entertainment. The chart described above is more about lottery winners, but not about a person who succeeds.

Moreover, you can even forget about weekends and holidays, because even then you will be busy working on yourself and your business.

You will have to find the strength not to give up everything

When they interview successful people, they talk with a smile about how something inspires them every day, and thanks to this, they do not stop for a minute on the way to their goal. But this is a lie because any action, even the most pleasant, is boring. And the desire to go up, which will certainly run into opposition from the same people who are going to succeed, criticism of others, and other things make you throw off your rose-colored glasses and lose not only inspiration but, in general, any motivation to continue.

Therefore, in order not only to stay afloat but to continue to develop, successful people have to overcome themselves, and this is not like the pictures that are drawn in films.

You will have to constantly learn something new

As we said above, to be successful, you must remain competitive. Businessmen study new technologies and implement them in production and offices, and musicians change their repertoire, and so on. In any case, marking time in one place, you can only continue to be successful in rare cases.

This means that in addition to working seven days a week, successful people with busy schedules have one more thing to keep in mind: learning something new. When the brains are already swollen from a hard day at work, it is necessary to overpower yourself and become a kind of student to keep up with others.

You don’t have instructions

What do they usually say to people who want a quiet, prosperous life? Study well at school and university, get a job in a respectable company and climb the career ladder. A simple algorithm that is understandable to most. But when you’re successful, you don’t have a blueprint to keep you afloat or keep growing. You have to base your actions on your own knowledge and mistakes and spy on other people. In general, success is constant improvisation, thinking outside the box, and it’s not as fun as it sounds.

You become the object of envy and rumors

This may seem more of an advantage than a disadvantage to some, but believe me, this is bad. People have a desire for development, and it is thanks to it, we live not in caves, wrapping ourselves in the skins of hard-earned animals, but in a society of the 21st century. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable around a more successful person because in this way, the brain pushes you to take action in order to compete with him.

The problem is that when you’re successful, because of wrong logic or prejudice, people start to hate you. That is, you will feel lonely, because there will be a crowd of people around, but among them, there is not a single person who is really valuable to you.

In addition, in a fit of envy, people often spread rumors that can destroy everything that you have been striving for so long. Because of this, successful people take it upon themselves not only to work and study but also to maintain their prestige.

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