A man gives twenty percent of his fortune to his cat

Incredibly rich people leave millions to their animals to ensure they are not disrupted in their luxury treatments.

As the old saying goes, one does not choose one’s family. But for an animal, for sure, it will be chosen by his family, which probably explains why many mega-rich people of the world have chosen to leave more legacy to their faithful companions who are the animals, than to their children often spoiled. A phenomenon that until then was mostly in the West.

But very recently, a young Nigerian based in Kano, in northern Nigeria named Habibu Muazu Yahaya, made headlines. Local media reports that he has decided that 20% of his fortune will be bequeathed to his beloved cat named Sweety.

In the documentary shared by the BBC, the man who gave 20% of his wealth to his cat, asked his family to pass on the wealth to his pet.

In the same movie, Habibu, who has a farm, showed what his cat feeds on (boxes of sardines and good cat food). He also showed the will to confirm his words.

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