Is Samuel Eto’o a victim of a severe accident, like DJ Arafat? Ivorian pastor predicted the accident

Samuel Eto’o was the victim of a serious traffic accident this Sunday. The car of the Indomitable Lions top scorer was reportedly completely damaged. In July, an Ivorian pastor had predicted the accidental death of Samuel Eto’o, as was the case with DJ Arafat. A victim of head trauma, Eto’o is due to undergo tests.

After a short stay in Chad and Senegal, Samuel Eto’o returned to Cameroon to attend a wedding. On this Sunday afternoon, the former Cameroonian football star, November 8, 2020, had a traffic accident that occurred on the road to Nkongsamba, in the West of the country, more precisely in Barré Bakem.

According to some witnesses, his car, whose entire front was crushed, violently collided with a truck, causing a serious accident, the worst of which was not to be ruled out, the shock was so incredible.

Miraculously, there was no loss of human life. Panicked, believing that he had been the perpetrator of a homicide, the accident was so violent, the truck driver fled, before being caught by the gendarmerie, 15 kilometers from the scene, to be taken away at Nkongsamba station.

However, more fear than harm, Samuel Eto’o is said to have suffered head trauma and is out of danger. However, he would have to undergo some additional tests. A few hours later, Local media reported that Samuel Eto’o went to the gendarmerie. As were no injuries or deaths, he asked that the complaint against the truck driver be withdrawn.

“Victim of a violent traffic accident at Nkongsamba, a few hours ago, when he was returning from the West, where he took part, this weekend, in several festivities, the top scorer of the story of the Indomitable Lions that I personally had on the phone, is doing well. God is Great,” Cameroonian sports journalist Martin Camus Mimb posted on his Facebook page.

Last July, Omela Joshua, Ivorian pastor and leader of the Divine Consolation Catholic Church, through a publication on social networks, announced the imminent death of Samuel Eto’o, the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

Pray for Samuel Eto’o Fils. I see an Arafat type of premature departure. Amos 3: 7 ‘God does nothing without revealing it to the prophets,” Omela Joshua wrote on his Facebook page.

Words that had ignited social networks. Some Internet users said they were convinced that Pastor Omela Joshua was trying to create a buzz around himself and his religious community, others called for caution.

Stormed by furious internet users, the pastor had reconsidered his words and apologized. As for Samuel Eto’o, he had clashed: “To have visions on the death of a person, you are champions. But to see that the world had to undergo an unprecedented health crisis, we saw no one. I would spend one day… Adrenaline”.

Barely four months after this prediction by Omela Joshua, Samuel Eto’o is the victim of a traffic accident, like DJ Arafat. Except that the Indomitable Lion did not perish in the car accident, as was the case with the king of the coupé-decalare, Ange Didier Houon, who died on August 12, 2019, as a result of a motorcycle accident. Some are convinced that Samuel Eto’o was saved by the prayers that followed the pastor’s predictions.

What really is it?

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