Algeria is looking for its nationals abroad to fight against pandemic

In Geneva, the Algerian Consulate General called on Algerian nationals residing in Switzerland to “come to the aid” of their country exhausted by the calamitous management of the coronavirus health crisis.

In this “urgent press release”, Algeria launches “an appeal to the generosity of its nationals residing in Switzerland wishing to make their financial or material contributions, in order to save lives and treat patients suffering from Covid-19” in the country.

Referring to a “very worrying” health situation, the Algerian consulate announced the forthcoming establishment of a “bank account dedicated to this action of solidarity for compatriots wishing to make their financial contributions”.

“Donations of medical materials and equipment can be deposited at the consulate general with a view to their forwarding to Algeria,” explains Tout Sur l’Algerie (TSA).

The country is currently facing an upsurge in the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 1,500 new cases per day on average. Many deaths are recorded every day in hospitals for lack of oxygen, according to TSA.

In mid-July, the Tunisian embassy in France also called on the diaspora to help view the collapse of the Tunisian health system in the face of the Covid crisis.

Tunisian authorities have said they need oxygen generators, mobile radios, PCR tests, surgical masks, and even clean gloves.

The Algerian Ministry of Health then announced the dispatch of 20 tons of medical equipment and drugs, 250,000 doses of vaccine, as well as trucks of oxygen.

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