Apple continues to ban Fortnite in South Korea even after a change in law

Apple refuses to offer the popular game Fortnite again in the App Store in South Korea. Developer Epic Games had requested this after new legislation was passed in the country. According to Apple, Epic must first comply with the rules, “just like everyone else”.

At the end of last month, South Korea

became the first country to end the dominant position of Apple and Google in payments on their mobile platforms. A company like Epic Games would be allowed to charge customers directly in a game like Fortnite after introducing a new law, bypassing Apple and Google. The law has been passed and is expected to come into effect from September 15.

Why did apple ban Fortnite

Epic decided to include its own payment system in its app last year. Apple prohibits that in its terms of use and therefore removed Epic’s programs from the App Store.

A US judge is currently considering the case. According to Apple, even with the new South Korean law, allowing all developers into their app store is not mandatory.

Apple, along with Google, controls most of the world’s smartphones with their operating systems. The companies typically charge app developers a 30 percent commission on sales in their app stores.

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