Are white teeth ‘overrated’: Justin Bieber’s mouth full of purple diamonds

Justin Bieber (25) has given himself some new decorations as a gift. In the mouth of the pop idol nowadays, a grill (an attachment for teeth that is especially popular among rappers, ed.) With purple diamonds. The cost price is estimated at around $25,000.

Justin shared his brand new grill with Instagram. The unique decoration comes from jeweler Gold Teeth God in Los Angeles, according to the photo caption. The bit is covered with lavender-colored 5-carat diamonds from Israel, a source at the site TMZ testifies. According to the entertainment website, the jeweler selected the diamonds individually by color and matched them.

Usually around $25,000 is paid for such a piece of jewelry, but it is not known how much the Canadian singer paid for it. It is not his first grill by the way: he already has a pink one worth $15,000.

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