As a souvenir! Organization of Olympic Games hands out 160,000 condoms

The organizers have promised several times that the Summer Olympics in Tokyo (from July 23 to August 8) will continue safely, with respect for some corona measures. However, 16,000 free condoms are distributed to the participating athletes. Not to use, but to take home as a souvenir, the organization insists.

It is a long-standing tradition to hand out free condoms to Olympic athletes. This has been happening since 1988 and mainly aims to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in the Olympic village, where all athletes spend about fourteen days together.

This year, however, the mutual contact will look slightly different because of the corona crisis. For example, the Olympic Committee (IOC) has drawn up a long list with numerous rules that athletes must adhere to. One of those rules instructs players to “avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact”.

The fact that the organization nevertheless distributes condoms raises eyebrows. 16,000 ‘souvenirs’ will be distributed, representing about 14 pieces for all 11,000 athletes who will participate.

The IOC emphasizes that they mainly distributed the condoms as an awareness campaign, not for use: “Our goal is not for athletes to use the condoms in the Olympic village, but to help raise awareness by bringing them back to their home country.”

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