At 50, how do I appear more attractive as a man

After your divorce, are you single at 50? Do you have the impression of being the same person, but you are afraid of not knowing how to seduce? Rest assured. You can still look good after 50.

But the charisma of a 50-year-old man is not the same as the charisma of a 20 or 30-year-old man. To approach that coworker or find your childhood sweetheart, you need to relearn how to be attractive.

Discover five tips to be attractive at 50

1. Accept that meeting people is not easy

Don’t think it’s your age that is preventing you from meeting women. Of course, your age can play a role. But generally, many other factors decrease your chances of dating, such as your progressive isolation, your daily routine, your letting go in terms of sports.

Men always have difficulty meeting and seducing women. Your age is not a determining factor. To seduce, you must highlight your qualities, take risks, and develop your social circle. There is no miracle method to seduce neither at 20 nor at 50. You will have to go through the same steps to meet women: meeting them through mutual friends, speed dating, and meeting them during associations. The initial step is to put yourself in the right frame of mind. You have to turn to date.

Tell your pals and associates that you are interested in meeting new people. Shop in town rather than on the internet. Go to the market to cross your knowledge. Do not hesitate to register on dating sites. What was new in 2001 is now a standard dating procedure for all 50s like you.

2. Assume your physique

At 50, you may be developing complexes. At this age, physical strength decreases, the muscles tire more quickly, you are less enduring. But it would help if you didn’t let these changes confuse you. You don’t have to be young to seduce. Your intrinsic charm can still work as long as you showcase yourself correctly.

Start by putting yourself in or getting back to the sport. We sometimes hear that men get better as they get older. This is true when you take care of yourself! You will feel much better without that beer belly and with more muscular arms. You dont need to choose a sport that is too intense. For Eg Running, swimming, or weight training will be enough to work your body.

Finally, remember that it’s not all about the physical. By taking responsibility for your body, age, and wrinkles, you will release an assurance that will put women at ease when they spend time with you. Women are also looking for a man they can be proud of. If you denigrate yourself or dwell on your flaws, it will scare them. On the contrary, at 50, you have a lot to tell; you have lived experiences throughout your life. Draw attention to your positive points!

3. Keep your independence

You’ve been in several relationships, you’ve been in a marriage, you’ve been in romantic relationships, you’re probably a father. Don’t overdo it with the woman you want. Everyone loves the little touches, but don’t try to rebuild a life as a couple right away that looks like your life before. Don’t be too attentive or too present. If you overdo it, the woman you covet will have questions.

At 50, you need to make people feel that you are independent. You have built your life, built your habits; you are self-sufficient. You don’t have to make it feel like you’re trying to fill a void. Take the opportunity to cultivate a mysterious side, to reveal yourself gradually.

4. Be active, not “youth”

Do not confuse the appearance of youth with alertness. What you must cultivate whatever your age is your curiosity, your spontaneity, your dynamism. To be attractive, you have to take the time to develop your passions, to do what makes you happy. Women like interesting, passionate men. It is by sharing these activities that you will appeal to women.

Passionate men take advantage of the present moment and the opportunities that present themselves to them. You don’t get bored with sincere men. And their enthusiasm is contagious. Do not overplay the young, energetic, drinking, late-night man. Learn to live at your own pace, according to your passions.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to prove to yourself that you have retained the “sex appeal” of your youth. If you are looking to meet much younger women to reassure yourself if you are looking to seduce all the time, ask yourself the question. Do you want to be attractive to meet people, or do you like to reassure yourself? If you want to reassure yourself, needless to say, that it will not work by chaining the attempts at conquest or even the successes. An attractive man does not need to be reassured. Chasing after signs of interest from women is unattractive.

Dress like a man your age. Nothing is stopping you from wearing sneakers and a T-shirt but avoid very flashy brand logos. Pay close to the size of the clothes (at 50 years old, many men wear clothes that are too large)! If you are unsure of your choices, for example, you can ask a friend to come with you to buy clothes. They are often good advice.

5. Look to the future with optimism

At 50 or older, the woman you are looking to seduce may have a life behind her. She may have children, former spouses, experience, like you. Respect his past and yours, but don’t just talk about it. You can, of course, talk about the trips you have made, your children, your youth, your career, etc. But that shouldn’t be the only subject of conversation on your dates.

Get out of the comparison between the past and the present. Never fall for the “it was better before ” speech. At 50, you still have 30 beautiful years ahead of you. Plan what you are going to do. Talk about your professional projects. Talk about your commitments. Talk about your future trips.

Plan things, show you know where you are going. Show in your conversations that you are not getting carried away by life, but you move forward. This is what will attract women. Be optimistic; you will crack them.

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